The Best Pre Shave Oil for Electric Shavers – Reviews & Guide

Last Updated February 20, 2024

When it comes to shaving, pre-shave oil is a must-have for achieving the perfect shave. While many people focus on finding the best razor or shave cream, pre-shave oil has often been overlooked.

However, pre-shave oil plays an important role in ensuring that your skin remains moisturized and protected during the shaving process. Whether you are a seasoned electric shaver user or just starting out with this type of grooming tool, finding the right pre-shave oil can make all the difference in your shaving experience.

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing a pre-shave oil for electric shavers, such as its ability to reduce friction and protect sensitive skin from irritation. We have researched and compiled a list of some of the best pre-shave oils for electric shavers available on the market today so that you can choose one that suits your specific needs.

The 3 Best Pre Shave Oils for Electric Shavers in 2024:

What to Use Before Electric Shaving

Cuts, nicks and bumps are all too common when shaving with traditional razors. Electric shavers are designed to reduce the risk of such mishaps by reducing friction on your skin as you shave. Nevertheless, it's merely a mitigation of risk, not an absolute prevention.

Many men who are new to using electric shavers may still experience irritation as they adjust to their new shaving method. Pre-shave oil is a popular remedy for reducing the risk of razor burn, ingrown hairs and other skin irritations that can result from electric shaving.

Shaving oil provides an extra layer of protection between your skin and the electric shaver, reducing the risk of irritation. That's why it's important to use a pre-shave oil before you shave with your electric shaver.

Common Types of Pre-Shave Oils for Electric Shavers

Pre-shave oils are great for men who have sensitive skin. Whether you shave every day or just once a week, pre-shave oils are an essential component of any shave routine.

They come in a variety of scents and formulas that are designed to meet your specific shaving needs. A popular ingredient in pre-shave oils is aloe vera, which has been shown to soothe skin while reducing redness and irritation.

It's also a great moisturizer that helps to prevent dry skin. Some pre-shave oils come in a thick, creamy lotion; however, there's relatively little difference between the lotion and the usual oil.

Reviews of The Best Pre Shave Oils for Electric Shavers in 2024

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Oil, Foam

#1. Freelette Pre Electric Shave After Shave Lotion Cream (Best Pre Shave Oil for Sensitive Skin)

Freelette Pre Electric Shave After Shave Lotion Cream is a product designed to provide a smooth and comfortable shave. The lotion cream is formulated with natural ingredients such as Saw Palmetto and Bisabolol from Papaya fruit that help to reduce skin irritation and leave the skin feeling refreshed after shaving.

One of the main advantages of Freelette Pre Electric Shave After Shave Lotion Cream is that it softens the beard, reducing the risk of cuts and nicks during shaving. The lotion cream also helps to reduce skin irritation and inflammation, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin. This pre-shave oil is easy to apply and doesn't leave any residue.

Freelette Pre Electric Shave After Shave Lotion Cream is a great product for men who want to get a close shave. Moreover, it has a pleasant fragrance that is not overpowering, making it ideal for people who prefer products with a subtle scent. This product is very simple to use. All you have to do is apply it 15 seconds before shaving.

Freelette Pre Electric Shave After Shave Lotion Cream review

What We Like

  • Softens beard, reducing the risk of cuts and nicks.
  • Suitable for men with sensitive skin
  • Easy to apply and doesn't leave any residue
  • Pleasant fragrance

What We Don't Like

  • May be too greasy for some people
  • May be difficult to spread evenly due to the thick texture of the lotion

Bevel Pre-Shave Oil is an affordable and effective alternative to traditional shaving creams. Made with natural ingredients like lavender, castor oil, and olive oil, this pre-shave oil helps to soften hair and protect skin from irritation. This product provides the ability to reduce razor bumps, cuts, and nicks. It works well on sensitive skin and helps to improve the overall quality of the shave.

One of the major advantages of Bevel Pre-Shave Oil is its ability to hold moisture in your hair and skin. This means that your razor can glide across your skin smoothly without tugging or pulling. Another key benefit is the signature blend of ingredients, which includes lavender, castor, and olive oils. These ingredients work together to naturally soothe and calm your skin, making it less prone to irritation and inflammation.

This pre-shave oil has a pleasant scent, with a refreshing and invigorating fragrance that is not too overpowering. Some users have noted that the oil does not leave behind any greasy residue or film on their skin, which makes it easy to wash off after shaving.

Bevel Pre-Shave Oil is a solid choice for men who want to improve the quality of their shaves and protect their skin from razor burn and bumps. Its natural ingredients and affordable price make it one of the most popular choices on the market today. However, it is important to note that individual results may vary based on skin type and shaving preferences.

Bevel Pre Shave Oil for Men review

What We Like

  • Helps to soften hair and protect skin from irritation
  • Natural ingredients that soothes and calms skin
  • Pleasant lavender scent that is not overpowering
  • Does not leave behind any greasy residue

What We Don't Like

  • May be too expensive
  • Bottle leakage issues

Aramis Lab Series for Men Electric Shave Solution is a pre-electric shave lotion that has received rave user reviews. The solution is widely available and generally inexpensive but costs more than other popular brands such as Lectric Shave or Afta by Mennen. Despite the higher cost, the product is intriguing due to its outstanding performance as a fragrance-free pre-shave lotion.

The Lab Series pre-shave comes in a grey opaque bottle and is completely oil and fragrance-free, making it suitable for men with sensitive, irritation-prone skin. The alcohol-based formula has high-quality ingredients like Kola Nut and Chamomile Extract, Vitamin E, and Coco-Caprylate (a natural moisturizer). Despite being fragrance-free, the alcohol and subtle aquatic note can be faintly picked up but disappears completely once the fluid dries.

The application is simple, wherein the user pours the product into the palms and applies it to the face and neck. The non-gunky formula allows rotary shavers to glide over the skin without skipping, preventing razor burn or post-shave rash. Comfort levels improve, and the shave feels much smoother, especially when shaving with aggressive shavers.

Closeness of the shave improves with the use of Lab Series, even when using electric shavers that aren't particularly great at cutting hairs very close to the skin. The added comfort allows the user to press a bit harder without getting razor burn, which, in turn, provides a closer shave. The face feels smooth, plump, and well-moisturized post-shave.

Aramis Lab Series for Men Electric Shave Solution Review

What We Like

  • Alcohol-based formula with high-quality ingredients
  • Non-gunky, fragrance-free
  • Improves comfort and closeness of the shave compared to other pre-shaves

What We Don't Like

  • Higher cost compared to other popular pre-shaves
  • Some users may not like the oily feel after application

Factors to Consider When Choosing Pre-Shave Oil for Electric Shavers

A pre-shave oil is a vital product for the electric shaver user. It helps to soften hair, protect skin from razor burn and bumps, and provide a close shave. However, it is important to note that there are some criteria that should be considered when selecting the best pre-shave oil for your electric shaver.

  • INGREDIENTS - it is important to understand the ingredients used in the making of a particular pre-shave oil as this will help you determine if the product is best for you and your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, you will want to go for a pre-shave oil that contains natural ingredients.
  • PRODUCT FORM - pre-shave oils are available in different forms. Some of these include liquid (traditional oil), gel, and lotion cream. The product form is important because each form has different benefits and hence it is only logical for you to choose the best one for your personal needs.
  • FRAGRANCE - this is another consideration that you need to make when buying a pre-shave oil. Some people do not like products that have strong fragrances. If you are one of them, it is important to select an oil that has a mild scent or no scent at all.
  • PRICE - price matters in all things and that includes pre-shave oils. You should look for one that will fit your budget and is made of quality ingredients. 

A Few Final Words

When it comes to electric shaving, pre-shave oil is an essential product that you should incorporate into your daily grooming routine. The best oil for electric shaver will not only help reduce skin irritation and razor burn but also provide a smooth and comfortable shave.

When choosing the best pre shave oil for electric razor, consider ingredients like jojoba, aloe vera, or coconut oils as they are known to be gentle on the skin. These oils are also lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin without leaving any greasy residue behind.

Additionally, look out for fragrance-free options if you have sensitive skin or if you prefer using aftershave products with a scent. With so many options available in today's market, you should better do some research before making a purchase decision.

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