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Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Justin Bounds. I have been working as a barber in Florida for years. You can learn more about me through my Twitter.

Throughout our lives, I’m pretty one of the things we can all relate to is the maintenance of our hair. Whether it be regular styling and routine cuts, hair care and grooming is a big part of our appearance. Especially if you’re a man, like me, these things can get tricky.

That’s why I made this blog.

Here on my blog, I am going to share my personal experiences, with people just like you, who want to take better care of their hair.

Styling, grooming, head hair and beards, these are all the things that I’m about. Appearances aren’t everything, I know that. But it can sure make a big difference if you know how to achieve the look you want. Confidence becomes boosted, you feel better about yourself and you might even find yourself running into unexpected opportunities based on your better overall appearance.

I didn’t gain all of my experience overnight, this stuff takes a long time. This is why I made this blog, so I can share all my methods, techniques and tips so you can feel better about your hair and beard. These are crucial components of any man’s style, so you deserve to rock it how you like.

Me and my team on our break time

Me and my team on our break time

I’m really hoping you find exactly what you need on my blog. I’m always ready to lend a helping hand. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and leave comments. My reply will come shortly, this is what I love to do anyway.

Taking care and styling my hair and beard has never been better. Don’t believe in my methods? Just try them yourself and you’ll see what I mean. This stuff can get pretty touchy, and what works for me might not be the best for you. What matters is that we are open to new things to help discover the best in ourselves.

Again, I really hope you enjoy my blog. Thank you so much for coming!

Justin Bounds – Founder of TheBarbr