How Long Does It Take For Wild Growth Hair Oil To Work?

When it comes to hair growth products, there are a lot of different options available on the market. Some products claim to work overnight, while others suggest that you should use them every day in order to see results.

Wild Growth Hair Oil is one of these products. But does it actually work?

We have the answers to all your questions about this product and how it works below. Let’s start by defining what the product is.

What is Wild Growth Hair Oil?

Wild Growth Hair Oil is a hair oil, designed to help promote hair growth. It is made using natural ingredients and contains no harsh chemicals. It contains a variety of different oils, including coconut oil, olive oil, lavender oil and peppermint oil.

It is designed for use on both scalp and the hair itself. The manufacturer claims that it can help to grow new hair in just a few weeks.

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Does Wild Growth Hair Oil Really Work?

The answer is “yes”. Users of this product claim that they can see a noticeable improvement in their hair after just a few weeks of use. According to reviews, using Wild Growth Hair Oil can help to reduce hair loss, hair breakage, split ends and improve overall scalp health.

Users claim that the product helps to encourage new hair growth. They say that using this product on a regular basis can help to strengthen hair follicles and prevent further hair loss.

Wild Growth Hair Oil also acts as a conditioner, helping to make hair softer and less brittle. It also leaves your hair with a lovely scent and helps to promote a healthy-looking appearance.


  • Natural ingredients
  • No harmful chemicals or parabens
  • Actually promotes hair growth
  • Helps to strengthen hair follicles and prevent future hair loss
  • Affordable price


  • Hard to wash out
  • May cause buildup on the scalp if used too much

How Long Does Wild Growth Hair Oil Take To Work?

How long it will take for a user to see any improvement will vary from person to person. Some users report seeing results after a few weeks, whilst others have taken longer to see results.

Generally speaking, it will take approximately 2 – 4 weeks for new hair to begin growing at the roots. At this point, you should begin to see some improvement in the strength and volume of your hair.

Here’s the catch: if your goal is to grow long hair, don’t expect to have Rapunzel-like locks after just a couple of weeks!

It may take at least a month (and often more) before you start to see significant new hair growth on your scalp. 2 – 3 months in, you should start to see an inch or two of new hair.

By 3 – 6 months, you should start to see 2 – 3 inches of hair growing. Keep in mind that this will still depend on the type of your hair and texture you have to begin with as well as how much nutrient-rich food you consume, but all in all, it’s still work! Patience is key.

How Often To Use Wild Growth Hair Oil?

Can you use Wild Growth Hair Oil everyday? No, that’s not recommended. Make sure you read the instructions carefully before use.

At the first stage (first 3 – 4 weeks) of the course, use the oil 1 – 3 times a week. This will ensure the essential oils are absorbed into scalp and hair shaft effectively without causing any allergic reaction to the scalp.

After 3 – 4 weeks, you can gradually increase the frequency of use to 3 times a week and maintain the same routine until the desired result is achieved.

Pro tip: After you have shampooed and dried your hair, apply the oil gently using circular motion on your scalp with your fingers is good for getting the full benefits of the nutrients in the oil. Also, don’t use too much oil on your hair as that can cause oily hair.

A Few Final Words

Now, back to the question: how long does it take for Wild Growth Hair Oil to work? According to many users, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to see results.

The results may also vary depending on the type of hair that you have and some factors such as your general health and diet will also come into play.

In short, there is no magic solution to growing long, healthy hair overnight. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance. So give it some time and you will see the results for yourself!

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