How To Straighten Beard Naturally – Top 7 Techniques

So, what do you think of your curly, rugged, rough or bristly beard? Irresistible, perhaps handsome, or maybe the best beard any man could ever dream of, yes? Wrong! Though it seems good in your eyes, it isn’t as good.
straighten beard naturally

Well, you still look like the tough guy but, that rough sandpaper beard will scare kids away or worse, kill all your potential romantic interests. No lady wishes to touch or lie their head on a bristly, rugged and possibly dirty beard.

You could think that you are doing the right thing embracing the all-natural and authentic you but, if you straighten out your beard, you’ll feel and look better. More authentic even!

For the gentlemen on the other side of the curb, you already know that there is nothing worse than a bad beards day. Your looks matter and they influence your self-esteem, appearance, and confidence. So, you have to keep your beard straightened.

There is one problem though – finding the right products to straighten and nourish your beard. We all know that the use of synthetic products dries out and often damages beards and they may affect your skin. There is an alternative beard straightening technique though – following natural beard straightening regimes.

Before we look at how to straighten your beard, let’s look at what makes beard curly.​

Having curly or a straight beard depends on the shape of your follicles. Curly beard means that your hair follicles are asymmetrical and the hair grows an oval-shaped hair shaft that keeps curling as the hair grows longer.

In other cases, you may have symmetrical hair follicles but still, have a curly beard. That is a possibility when the hair shaft has an uneven distribution of some type of keratin. Keratin is the main protein found in hair.​

How to Straighten Beard Hair at Home Naturally

These tips will look simple but following them through may not be the easiest thing you’ll do. But, all you need is a little more diligence and a lot of care to keep your beard straight.​


Adopt shampoos or soaps that are entirely natural or organic

While we all run to shampoos and soaps to clean hair, most, if not all are full of harsh chemicals which clean the beard but, leave you with a dry, oil-stripped and brittle beard. That beard will get tangled easily and being dehydrated; it becomes hard. Combing the beard will be tough, and the hairs will start falling off.

Discard all harsh soaps and shampoos to keep your facial hair healthy and to prevent split ends. Instead, look for mild cleansers and gentle soaps specifically designed for facial hairs. You should also look for a conditioner with natural ingredients to soften and moisturize the hair.

Since wet hair is weak compared to dry hair, you have to be gentle during and after washing your beard. A good conditioner helps you in getting rid of tangles and knots.

Proper cleaning also helps you get rid of food particles that sneak into your beard.



This is an important part of hair care. Unfortunately, we towel beards incorrectly most of the time.

Toweling dos and don’ts

  • Gently pat dry your facial hair using a soft towel to avoid breakage
  • Pat dry your beard in a downward direction from the top drying the sides as you work your way down. This ensures even dryness. It also straightens your beard.

Moisturize with a beard oil or a beard balm

How to Straighten Beard

You need to get an organic beard oil to use on your beard after washing.

Get a beard oil that conditions your beard and your skin under the beard.

  • The oil should also contain natural ingredients only
  • It shouldn’t dull or dry out your facial hair.
  • Beard oil is an essential hair straightening product as it hydrates and deeply conditions hair.
  • It makes hair smoother
  • It makes facial hair easy to manipulate

Everyday beard oil – Olive Oil

​Want to know how to soften and straighten your beard naturally?

To soften your facial hair simplifying straightening, you should try olive oil. Olive oil softens your beard and moisturizes it promoting faster growth.

If using a beard balm, look for one with natural conditioning and moisturizing ingredients.​


Use Natural beard wax for styling

Use Beard Wax to Straighten

To deeply condition and straighten your beard naturally and for your beard style to hold, you’ve got to buy and use the best natural beard wax.

Ensure that the beard wax has all natural ingredients.

Besides styling, the beard wax should nourish your beard.

Ingredients to look for include avocado oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, pumpkin seed oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil and argan oil. These will condition your beard oil keeping it healthy.​

​Look for a wax free of artificial fragrance or scents. Natural ingredients in beard wax make the wax perfect for use on sensitive skin.

A good beard wax with natural ingredients will not leave your beard greasy or crunchy. It makes styling easy.​


Brushing it out

This is the most important process for straightening your beard naturally. Unfortunately, we noted that most of us don’t know how to brush our facial hair. Let’s go to class.

Get your hair brushing essentials ready

Straighten Beard by Combing


For straight and soft facial hair, you have to get a comb that will work through your curly or rough hair without causing any more damage. The best comb to use is the boar bristle brush. It is easy on the facial hair. It combs away any dirt particles and impurities tangling your beard.

A boar bristle brush does something else to your hair; it distributes natural oils from your skin across the beard and while increasing blood flow to the skin below the beard.

For thin hair get a fine-toothed comb and a standard comb for thick hair.​

Dos and don’ts of hair brushing​

  • Brush your facial hair gently and work it in the direction that your hair grows in.
  • If you have to use a blow dryer, use the lowest setting
  • Don’t get tempted into rubbing a silicone cream into your beard

You are what you eat

Healthy Diet for Beard Health

The softness of your hair determines how easy or difficult straightening your hair will be. Well, for soft and healthy facial hair that doesn’t break off, you have to maintain a healthy diet. Consider drinking a lot of water an important part of healthy eating and healthy facial hair.

​How to eat your way to a healthy beard

The best foods boost natural thyroid hormone production and also increase DHT and testosterone levels. These hormones are necessary for beard growth. You will have nothing to straighten if you have these hormones in limited supply.​

They have essential vitamins and minerals that stimulate facial hair growth.

The right foods also reduce the amount of a carrier protein SHBG leading to an increase in DHT and testosterone levels.​

  • Eggs are rich in biotin which stimulates beard growth. They also have essential micronutrients that stimulate DHT and Testosterone production.
  • Potatoes boost production of DHT
  • Orange juice is rich in fructose a simple sugar that lowers the amount of the sex hormone binding globulin SHBG. SHBG normally binds to testosterone and DHT rendering them ineffective. Fructose lowers the levels of SHBG increasing DHT and testosterone levels.
  • Brazil nuts are rich in selenium a mineral that increases testosterone levels encouraging faster beard growth.
  • Beef is a good source of protein, and it goes a long way in helping your body keep enough amino acids needed for building hair.
  • Raisins patch up patchy beards thanks to the richness in boron, one of the trace elements necessary for beard growth. Raisins also increase production of DHT and free testosterone.


Vitamin C and E – these two vitamins promote sebum production lubricating and moisturizing all your hair. They make facial hair lush and thick and also easy to comb through.​

Vitamins A and Beta A Carotenes – these enhance healthy hair growth.​

B Vitamins boost protein synthesis for hair growth​


Shaping your beard

Trim Beard Regularly

You don’t want to straighten your hair only to have it take on an unruly shape and kill the romance in your relationship.

Even when straightening your bears, you have to shape and trim it regularly. The shape of your beard must match the shape of your face. You may want to consult a stylist if you are unsure of the best shape to don.

When trimming at home, always use professional clippers for precise, clean and comfortable cuts.​

Keep a small pair of scissors close by to trim unruly hair in between the professional trims.​

Learn how to trim your beard in a manner that encourages lengthening​


Straightening curly facial hairs is an arduous grooming task especially after you neglect your beard for some time. You will also feel the pressure when using natural rather than chemical or mechanical straightening methods. So, patience tough guy, patience!

To maintain a straight and neat beard, wash it regularly, trim it and use the right tools. Go for natural or organic beard shampoos, oils, and waxes for the best effects. You also have to invest in a good trimmer.

When washing your hair, dry it in a manner that trains the beard to stay straight (downward drying).

Your straight long or short beard needs to look healthy and full. You don’t want any patches on your face. Eat well: otherwise, there will be nothing to straighten!​

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