The Ultimate Guide to Short Hairstyles for Guys with Round Faces

Alright guys, let's cut the crap and get straight to business. You've got a round face, maybe even with a double chin thrown in for good measure - yeah, we know it can be a bit of a bummer.

But wipe those tears away my man! We're here to help you transform that circular mug into something sculpted and sexy.

Welcome to the ultimate guide to short hairstyles for guys with round faces, because being handsome isn't just for those dudes with sharp jawlines.

Let's find out!

Spotting the 'Round' Face: It's Not as Simple as it Sounds

What even is a round face anyway?

No, we're not talking about looking like a moon emoji! Round faces are simply stealthy – they're typically just as wide as they are long with no real obvious angles.

Picture this: You look in the mirror and see slight cherub-like cheeks or maybe your jawline isn't channeling Superman. But hey, don’t start playing that tiny violin yet!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a round face – some of the coolest cats in Hollywood rock this shape (think Leonardo DiCaprio or Zac Efron). Shoot, even Leo doesn't have ridiculous chiseled features and he's snatched an Oscar!

leonardo dicaprio and zac efron round faces hairstyles

Hair Length: Is Short or Long Hair Better for Round Faces?

Alright folks, here's a bombshell for you - ready? When it comes to round faces, length ain't got nothin' to do with it!

Shocking right? No need to pinch yourself, you're not dreaming. That long-time belief that short hair is always "The One" for round faces – yup, total bunk.

Now don't get me wrong. Short hairstyles can look killer on guys with round faces. But listen up buttercup - so can long hair! It'll all boil down to the style and how rockin' your confidence is while wearing it.

So toss away that age-old myth and remember: your choice of coif shouldn't be a boxing match between short and long locks.

Top 10 Short Hairstyles for Guys with Round Faces

The Pompadour

Fellas, the pompadour ain't just for Elvis impersonators anymore. In recent years, this classic rocker 'do has been turned on its head – literally and figuratively – making it a perfect fit for dudes with round faces.

This bad boy is all about volume and height at the top that gradually tapers down to shorter sides. It’s like your head finally got invited to the hippest party in town! And guess what? Your face shape is bringing the guest of honor: big ol' beautiful volume at the curve of your brows...No more hiding under hats or behind shaggy locks, lean into that chubby-cheeked charm!

Remember guys; a proper pomp will require some daily finessing (no bed-head chic here) but trust me, having ladies cooing over your cutesy mug will make every extra minute worth it.

The Quiff

So, you’re a dude with a round face. Big deal. Embrace it brother! One legendary hairstyle to transform your round face into the epitome of masculine charm is the classic quiff.

Think Elvis Presley on a good hair day! This ridiculously simple yet super suave style adds height and structure to your mug - effectually creating an illusion of angles that will make Picasso jealous. As bold as it is fresh, the quiff says 'Hey world, look at this wind-swept toupee atop my noggin.' Now that’s how you rock round faces while giving square jaws a run for their money!

How's that for being 'well-rounded' huh?

The Slicked Back

Round faces, rejoice! The gods of hairstyles have truly smiled upon ya – especially if you're over 50 and rockin' those eyeglasses. Heads up, people: The Slicked Back is what hairstyle is one of the best short hairstyles for round faces over 50 with glasses. It's sleek, it’s classy, and by the beard of Zeus, it screams sophistication.

The key to rockin' the slick back is all about projecting confidence and coolness. This hairstyle will make you seem like George Clooney sipping on some expensive whiskey in a black-tie event minus the high ticket prices. And not just any Clooney - Ocean's Eleven boss-level badassery with more style points than you can shake a stick at.

If done right, short hairstyles like the Slicked Back take that adorable roundness of yours and turn it into a flattering canvas for your killer frames. We kid you not - once you’ve experienced the liberating feeling of going short & slick, you’ll be saying sayonara to those long locks in no time. 

The Textured Crop

Dive right into the center of short hairstyles perfect for your delightful round face with The Textured Crop. Apparently, that dimpled chin and those full cheeks you've got going on was just shouts texture me up, Scotty! Who would have guessed? We're talking a casual chop here and there to give a ragged edge - no dull scissors or neat lines in sight. It creates the illusion of angles (who needs geometry class anyway?) and pulls eyes towards your most awesome features.

A dapper textured crop is like having an entourage yelling about how fab your jawline is without any annoying paparazzi hassle. This hairstyle practically screams cooler than the other side of the pillow while still keeping it real.

So ride that wave into a new world where what hairstyle looks best with a round face turns out to be easier to solve than deciding which pizza topping reigns supreme! 

The Blowout

Well buddy, it's high time someone introduced you to the fantastic world of the Blowout. Laugh all you want about its supermodel name but remember, nothing says 'I'm owning this face shape biz' like a killer blowout.

This divine creation isn't just a hairstyle; it’s a straight-up confidence booster! Short on the sides and slightly longer on top - that's how we roll here. With volume sitting pretty up there, your round face is instantly slimmed down.

Messy Waves

Now, let's dive into the messy waves look, one for those gents who like to ride on the wild side of style. Why? Because nothing says 'I woke up like this' better than some purposefully disheveled locks. I mean, come on! It’s almost like your hair is shouting out Yeah buddy, what you see is exactly what you get!.

For our round face guys carrying a few extra chin guests (Ahem.. double chins), this hairstyle is a frickin life saver. Not only can it add volume and texture to your hair but it cunningly draws attention away from that second sneaky chin lurking around down there.

But wait! Are we suggesting messy waves as 'one of the best hairstyles for round faces with double chins'? Hell yes we are! Seriously, give it a whirl - you could end up being quite surprised just how much difference those careless looking curls could make. 

The Spiky

Jazz it up by adding some spikes to that dome of yours. I mean, who wouldn't want their head styled after a badass porcupine? Enter the spiky hairstyle, your one-way ticket to rocking the punk-chic look!

Here's why this style is dope for round faces: Spikes add height which elongates your face—think gravity-defying magic but with hair gel! And say goodbye to looking like you've got your face squished between two pillows because these bad boys literally gives you that edgier, sharper appearance you crave. Bet ya didn't think geometry could be so damn helpful in hairstyling, did ya? 

The Textured Fringe

Get ready for your style savior - The Textured Fringe. Pals, this handcrafted masterpiece ain't just another run-of-the-mill hairdo. It's like the 4 cheese of short hairstyles – sounds simple enough but oh so satisfying.

What makes it kick-ass is its way of doing two jobs at once – winning style points and slimming down those cherubic cheeks.

How does it work, you ask? Easy-peasy! You soften your jawline with overhanging fringe while creating faux height on top with a cool texture. It's a trick as old as time...or whoever first thought Hey, let's put some product in this mop!.

Result: Round face magically looks leaner...and that my dear bros means more Tinder matches (haha)*. So get in line for the next big thing in the world of men’s hair fashion – because seriously guys, who wouldn't wanna look badass and have a thinner looking face? Plain Brilliant! 

The Side Part

Watch out ladies and gents; coming in hot is the suave, gravity-defying side part that's been spotted on round-face bros all over tinsel town. Oh yes, we're spilling the tea on that undeniable charm offensive many of our rotund-faced brethren are pulling off with panache. They're rockin' it from LA to Dubai, Singapore to Sao Paulo. But what's the big deal?

Well for starters, a nifty side part can actually make your face appear oval-ish rather than spherical - like an optical illusion but much cooler, because you don't have to squint or tilt your head awkwardly to see it!

Fact Check Realness: Softer lines = less visual emphasis on pudginess of face = instant Hollywood hunk complex kicking in. Not convinced? Try it out mate!

After all, there’s nothing like a little grooming experiment to shake things up a notch!

The Faux Hawk

Ditch the round face frown cause I've got a hairstyle to amaze your mirror and wow your insta-followers. The Faux Hawk, my weekend warriors! This bad boy is like the mohawk's cheeky younger sibling who isn't ready to commit to being full-time punk but loves stealing the limelight at all times.

Fellas, this style literally laughs in the face of roundness...why? It creates an optical illusion - yes you heard it right. Imagine yourself as the Houdini of hairdressing! The faux hawk lifts height at top and tapers at both ends, pulling eyes away from cheeks with its mega-sassy peak in no time.

So change that smoky eye trick on TikTok and make 'em gaga over your gravity-defying 'do!

Own Your Look, Rock that Roundness!

And just like that, guys, we've reached the nitty-gritty of our hair-venture. You've got the low-down on all sorts of hip 'dos to level up your hairstyling game. But here's the real kicker: "No cut is gonna do you any good unless you own it!"

Your face may be as round as a deliciously cheesy pizza, but remember every pizza can pop with the right toppings! Play it cool with your hairstyle and flaunt your facial features because they are on point!

Lastly and most importantly, strutting around like you're god's gift to hairstyles - now that’s what I'm talking about! So get out there and rock that roundness, mate!

After all, confidence isn't just something you wear; it's something you rock! So go ahead pal - shine on with yo' bad round-faced self!

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