The Definitive Guide on How To Trim and Shape a Beard

The line between a good beard and a bad beard is often thin. Whether you have a scraggly, untamed mess or a neatly trimmed masterpiece, how you trim it is going to be the difference between looking sloppy and looking sharp.

There are many different ways to shape your beard, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

In this article, we will explore some of the most popular styles as well as how to trim and shape a beard properly.

How to Trim a Beard for the First Time

If you have a mustache and want to keep it trimmed as well, then the best way is to shave off some of the hair from around the edges with an electric razor or even just by hand. This helps prevent any hairs that fall into the area where you’re trying to grow new facial hair from getting in the way.

You should also make sure not to cut too close to the skin because if you do, you could end up causing irritation which may lead to ingrown hairs.

How to Trim a Full Beard

Starting with the mustache, use a comb to shape the hair on top of your lip. Comb down from the nose and around the mouth. With scissors, start at the cheekbone and work your way across to give you a good even coverage across.

Next, use your comb to guide your trimmer along your neckline and clean up any hairs hanging over it. Finally, carefully follow your beard's natural shape. 

If there are areas that need trimming or shaping, go ahead and take care of them now so they don't get out of hand later.

If you have an unruly full beard, try using waxing strips instead of shaving cream for easier application. You can also shave with a safety razor if you prefer. The key is to keep things simple: just do one thing well.

Don't be tempted by fancy products; stick to what works best for you.

How to Trim a Beard with Scissors

Is there a more convenient way to trim and shape your beard than with scissors? One method is to cut it with scissors. There are some things that you should know beforehand, and we will go over them all right away.

how to trim a beard with scissors


Choose the right kind of scissors for cutting hair. Some people would not recommend using kitchen shears but they can work as well. You need something sharp enough so that you do not hurt yourself when shaving or trimming your facial hair.

If you have sensitive skin then you might want to use safety razor blades instead. The best thing about these types of blades is that they are very easy to find at any drugstore. They come in different sizes depending on how thick your beard is.

Choose What Type Of Beard You Want To Have

The first step towards growing the perfect beard is choosing what type of beard you want to grow. There are three main categories: full beards, half-beards and goatees.

  • Full beards cover most of your face.
  • Half-beards start from just below your jawline and extend down past your neck.
  • Goatees are usually worn by men with longer hair or balding areas.

If you have no idea which category fits you best, ask yourself some questions such as “Do I like my facial hair? ” and “How often do I shave?” The answers will help determine whether you should choose a full beard, half-beard or goatee.

Chopping Off Any Long Hair

With a beard that has longer hair, it is important to keep the top of the beard neat and well-groomed. Chopping off any long hair before trimming and shaping the beard with scissors will make it easier to shape one's facial features.

As a safety precaution, avoid cutting oneself by using safety scissors or clippers to cut the longer hairs on the neck. The best time to do this is when your beard is clean and dry.

Start Trimming From The Neck Up

Trim all the hair from the neck up first so that there are no stray hairs in the way as you work down towards the chin. Use a pair of sharpened safety scissors for this task.

If you have short hair, use an electric trimmer instead. It can be used safely without having to worry about getting nicks or scratches on the skin.

You may also want to trim some of the sideburns if they're too long. This will make them look more natural. 

Trimming Below the Chin

This process should only take a few minutes at most. Make sure not to cut into any sensitive areas such as under the jawline or around the mouth. The best time to do this is when your beard has been growing out and it's just starting to get longer than what you'd like.

Once you've trimmed all the hair off, wash your face with warm water and pat dry using a clean towel. Apply moisturizer to help prevent chapping.

How to Trim a Beard with Clippers

Using a clipper to trim your beard is much easier than trimming with scissors. It works better if you have a short beard. If you're looking for an easy way to shave your facial hair without having to use shaving cream, then consider getting yourself a clipper.

You can find them in different sizes from small handheld models that are perfect for travel to larger ones that will fit on top of your bathroom sink.

how to trim a beard with clippers

Preparing for a Trim

Start by combing through your beard with a wide-toothed comb. This helps remove any tangles and makes it easier when clipping the hairs off later.

Next, you can try to sharpen clipper blades by running them over some sandpaper or using a file. Make sure they aren't too dull as this could cause problems during the process.

Finally, make sure all parts of the blade are clean before starting. A dirty blade may not cut well and could even damage your skin.

Start Trimming and Shaping Your Beard

Now comes the fun part! Start trimming at the bottom of your chin and work up towards the sides of your face. You'll want to start from the side closest to where you're going to shave so you don't accidentally get hair in places you didn't intend.

If you have any stubble on your cheeks, be careful when shaving around those areas because it's easy for hairs to catch there.

Once you've trimmed down most of your beard, use clippers to shape the remaining area into an acceptable style. Be patient while doing this step; if you rush through it, you might end up cutting yourself.

Then, shape your beard into whatever style you prefer.

Shaping Around Your Neck

If you'd like a clean neckline but aren't sure how to go about shaping your facial hair, try using waxing strips or tweezers to trim away unwanted hairs that are too close to your skin.

You can also shave off some of your existing beards and then apply styling products such as gel or wax to help keep them in place until they dry out naturally.

If you're not comfortable with waxing or shaving, consider going to a professional barbershop instead.

Cleaning Up Any Stray Hairs

Once the new look is complete, it's time for cleanup! Use an old toothbrush to gently brush any stray hairs back toward their roots. This will ensure that no clumps remain on your face. Then use a cotton swab dipped into rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining hair particles.

Finally, wash your hands thoroughly before touching anything again.

Some Maintenance Tips After Shaving Your Beard

how to trim and shape a beard

Your beard needs proper care after its first shave as well. Here are some tips:

  • Wash and dry your razor immediately after each use. If you don't do this, bacteria can build up in the blades of your razor, which could lead to infection.
  • Keep your beard trimmed and clean at all times so that it doesn't become too long. Trimming can be done using electric trimmers or scissors.
  • Avoid getting razor burn by keeping your skin moisturized after shaving.
  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion on your neck area if you have one. This is because sun exposure during summer months may cause premature aging of facial tissues.

A Few Final Words

In conclusion, while there are many ways to trim and shape a beard, it's important to consider what style of beard you want. If you prefer a short, stubble-style beard, clippers might be the best way for you. But if you have a long, full beard that needs shaping, scissors may be the more appropriate option.

The right tool is key when it comes to trimming and shaping a beard. Whether you're looking at electric trimmers or manual ones, make sure you choose one with good quality blades so they last longer and cut better. And remember: keep an eye out for sharp edges!

Happy grooming!

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