How Long Does It Take to Grow a Man Bun

What is a man bun hairstyle? That is a good question if you have not been following the hair trends for men in recent years. Man bun, also known as top knot, is one of the most popular men's long hair styles. To achieve this hip look you need to have your hair long enough to tie it all into a bun.

Of course, you can be even cooler and go for a semi man bun. This hairstyle does not require the hair to be as long as it should be for the full man bun. How you will look in this hairstyle depends on how you do it and you look normally. A man bun hairstyle is not for everyone.

In this article, you will learn how to grow your hair long and how to manage your man bun hairstyle as well.

How to Grow a Man Bun

how long to grow man bun

There are several steps to take in growing your man bun. There is more to it than just growing your hair nice and long. Here are the key steps you need to take:

  • Be patient - hair grows at a rate of 1/3 to 2/3 of an inch a month. That means you have to let your hair grow for a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 2 years before your hair is long enough for this hair trend.
  • Get a good haircut - this seems to be a step backwards but you need to have your hair at an even length all the way around to get the perfect man bun
  • Endure the awkward stages - these will happen often. Most men can’t handle their hair growing so long and end up cutting it during these stages. If you can get through these times, you should have a great man bun.
  • Protect your hair - you do this by not stressing it out Cut down on the hard towel drying, the hair styling tools use and other activities that damage your hair.
  • Shampoo less - and condition more. These helps your hair stay healthier as well as well-hydrated.
  • Watch for hair traits - not all hair grows the same. Some curl, some react badly to humidity and so on. You have to learn about your hair as it gets longer and take the appropriate steps to care for it.

How Long Does It Take to Grow a Man Bun

The minimum amount of hair you will need to successfully achieve a man bun look is going to be 6 inches. If you are starting from a crew cut then you are looking at waiting at least a year before you reach that length.

Generally, it is recommended that you wait 2 years before attempting the man bun style. That amount of time helps you get the full man bun look. If you want the full man bun look, then you are going to have to grow your hair 12 inches long.

That length gets your hair down to your shoulders.

How to Tie a Man Bun

There are some easy steps to take that guide your efforts. Once you master these steps you should be able to branch out and add a few creative touches to complete your overall look:

#1. Wash and dry your hair - it is best to start with clean hair

#2. Gather your hair - how much hair you grab will depend on the style you choose to wear. There is the semi and full man bun so you do not have a lot of choices. Use some hair products such as wax or pomade to control flyaway hair.

#3. Use a hair tie - make sure to have this handy as you will want to tie your hair on top of your head as quickly as you can. Also, make sure it is the right length to hold your hair.

#4. Pull your hair through - Get the tie to the base of your hair after you have pulled it through the first time. There may be a few cowlicks or frizz but those are normal. At this stage you should have a ponytail.

#5. Do the figure eight hold - after pulling the hair through the first time, twist the tie so it looks like a figure eight. Then pull your hair through again

#6. More the merrier - do as many pull-throughs as you can. Then when you get to the last pull through do not pull your hair all the way through. Let the tie hold the end so that the finished result looks like a bun.

#7. Neatness doesn’t count - you can leave some of your hair loose for the ultimate cool look. Once you get your hair looking like you want, you are done.

Watch the video below. It would give you a clearer view of the easiest way to tie your own man bun:

Foods to Eat to Grow Your Hair

You already know that you need to grow your hair long to get the man bun to work for you. But how do you make your hair grow faster? Here are some tips to follow:

  • Hair needs protein - To help your hair be healthier and grow better, you should eat foods high in protein. Eggs is one suggestion but you are free to choose the foods you want to eat
  • Eat lean beef - If you do not like eggs, go for less fat and eat lean beef. This slice of the food pie has 22 grams of protein in it.
  • Go for the nuts and seeds - Almonds, pumpkin seeds and similar foods provide that protein punch you are looking for.
  • Dairy is not bad for you - If you are not lactose intolerant, different dairy products bring a lot of protein to your body and help your hair grow better. Milk, cheese and Greek yogurt all have lots of protein in them.
  • Fish - Besides benefiting from the fatty acids in fish, you can give your hair some extra protein that helps it stay nice and healthy

Celebrities that Wear a Man Bun

Some men think that a man bun, whether semi or full, makes them look too feminine. Men are not all about short hair and they should think out of the box. There are some celebrities that have mastered the style and still pull off the man look:

Leonardo Di Carpio

Leonardo Di Carpio Man Bun

Source: Pinterest

Jared Leto

Jared Leto Man Bun

Source: Pinterest

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa Man Bun

Source: Pinterest

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth Man Bun

Source: Pinterest

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor Man Bun

Source: Pinterest

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal Man Bun

Source: Pinterest

Harry Styles

Harry Styles Man Bun

Source: Pinterest

Final Thoughts

The man bun takes a certain personality to pull off the look. It also takes the right shape of your face and head to look manly and good with a man bun. You will have to study yourself to see if this is a good fit for you.

The man bun is a simple hair trend for men that takes time to get the right hair length. If you can stand the itchy ticklish awkward stages, then you should be able to get your hair long enough to try the style out.

If you do not like it or it does not look good, at least you will give your barber lots of hair to work with when you cut it down to size.

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