Undercut Hairstyle For Men – The Ultimate Guide on How To Do and Style

Admit it or not, one of the top of the list topics on fashion for men is the trendy undercut haircut. It is one of the trendy haircuts wherein you can shave your head, but can still have your medium to long hair. So, how to do an undercut? Well, it is just easy. You can simply have your hair on the sides shaved and leave the remaining hair on top of your head. Sounds easy right?

For sure the next question you will be asking is how to style an undercut? Well, for that question, you will have a lot of options to consider so you could achieve the look that you wanted.

However, you might want first to check on the following ideas before having your hair chopped off just to give you some relevant information about having a good hairstyle.

Why Is Your Hairstyle Important?

Some men don’t care about how they appear in front of other people. However, some are into finding the best haircut that will suit their styles to make them look good and impressive enough for other people or most especially to someone they are interested with.

Choosing Your Best Haircut In The Hair Salon

Before getting started, you must need to know and understand the importance of getting a good haircut to which will help you achieve a more confident look and a better you version. Start asking yourself with the following questions:

What Is My Personality?

What Is My Attitude Towards Life?

Will I Be Attractive With This Hairstyle?

Knowing the Rules When Getting Into New Hairstyles

With the different stylish variations of trendy haircuts and hairstyles that are in the men’s runway, we think you need to take a few minutes to read the following before letting your hair chopped.

Rule #1: Be Objective

Alright, so you have seen a well-known actor and he got this new hairstyle to which you think you wanted, too. Yes, you are free to say that it is totally perfect for you! That is fine. But, you need to think it over again. Why? Yes, it is a fact that the hairstyle is good for him making him more gorgeous.

Justin Timberlake with his undercut | Source

However, try asking yourself. “Will it look good on me?” Check out your facial features if you think it will be suitable for you. Also, identify your personal distinctive traits that will compliment your facial characteristics.

Things to Remember
  • Get your best hairstyle that matches the characteristics of your face.
  • Not all trendy hairstyle suits everybody.
  • The structure of your face is always a big factor when choosing the hairstyle.
  • Most hairstyles compliment facial structures with noticeable jaw line.

Rule #2: Know How to Balance

How To Style An Undercut

In some cases, wherein you have prominent features like having big ears, wide forehead and the like, you can actually balance it by moving the attention from it and instead attract through opting and trying out a good hairstyle. It should be noted that in order to achieve your wanted hairstyle, you need to determine your facial characteristics.

Things to Remember
  • If you have a wide forehead, one of the best ways to balance it out is through a fringe.
  • Have your sides longer when you have big ears.
  • If the shape of your head is round, it is good to create a bulk on top and have short sides.
  • Know everything about your hair – texture, color and type.
  • If your jaw is round-shaped, one of the best ways to balance is having a beard.
  • Another important factor is making your hairstyle appropriate to your age and kind of business.

Well, we hoped that you might already have something in your mind about getting a good haircut. Going back with the trendy undercut, you can actually have it done. It is just that you really need to select which type of variation will be the most suitable for you.

It should blend with the characteristic that you have as what we have discussed in the previous paragraphs so as you will definitely look fantastic with it.

Truly, one of the current trending hairstyles that you might want to try is the undercut. It is simply because it makes you feel classy and unique in terms of its refined look. It is also a good match with the trending fashion for men which make it perfect.

It has a lot of variations which you can choose from. Styling it with several ways can be one of your habits when you try to have this cut done for you. The following guide will help you understand further on how to do an undercut, how to style an undercut, and other relevant tips that you will find very helpful in the end.

Understanding the Haircut

This type of haircut is easy because it can actually be done in a few minutes as long as you have a good quality of hair clipper.

How To Do An Undercut

In order to achieve an undercut, you just need to draw a haircut line in the proper place. This is important to emphasize a parting line on the level of your upper temple. This means that you need to create a defined horizontal line beginning from the left side then at the back of your head then to the right side of your head until the created line meets from both temples.

So, maybe you are wondering where to find your temples?

Your Guide
  1. Face in front of the mirror.
  2. Check your hairline in your forehead. It is noticeable to be almost horizontal
  3. Check the part of your hairline which makes an angle.
  4. Check your eyebrows and draw an imaginary line beginning from the outer part of it.
  5. Now, meet the line in your hairline which makes an angle with the imaginary line from your eyebrows.
  6. That meeting point will be the start to create an emphasized horizontal line which will be called to be the upper area of your temple.

By having this as a guide, all of your hair below the disconnecting line will be totally shaved off. However, if you wish to achieve a more styled undercut, then you need to find a good barber who could do it for you.

Styling the Undercut

There are several hairstyling products can be used when you wanted to style your top hair. You may opt to have wax, gel, pomades, mousse or spray to finish the style you wanted. With the various options that you wish to try, you may want to know how these styling products may help you.

Some popular hair styling products on the market
  • Pomade - This is often used to flat hairstyles of men. It is typically used with the slicked back undercut variation. Typically, pomades were oil-based, but then as modernization came along, there are also water-based that has been produced.
  • Wax - This product is mostly used when you wish to brush up your top hair in a vertical way. Thus, you may select your preferred holding strength for your hair.
  • Cream - If you have a curly hair, then this product is the most suitable for you as your hair shines naturally and creates a greater volume.
  • Gel - You may use gel to style your hair if you wish it to brush up your hair with spikes. Take note that in order to use it more effectively, apply it while your hair is still dripping with water.

Having known those products, you should also remember that in order to emphasize your undercut, style up your hair on top to make you feel a lot cooler.

You can also check out this video to learn more about how to style an undercut:

Different Variations of Undercut

Style #1: Slicked Back Undercut

This variation of undercut is a contemporary version of the regular undercut. It has been one of the popular hairstyles that men love as it has a stylistic twist which makes you classier and is appropriate to almost all of the occasions.

Source Pinterest
  • Tip: Slick your hair back and apply an excellent quality hair product. You may use pomade, a wax, or a gel. However, we often recommend pomade as it provides a glossier and shinier slicked back undercut. Try getting pomades which are water-based as it avoids a greasy hair when applied.
Style #2: Disconnected Undercut

This type of undercut is one of the dramatic variation to which is also noticeable. Your hair on top is disconnected through a defined line to which separates the short and long hair. This is more applicable with longer hair to create a more volume on top.

The Disconnected Undercut
Source Pinterest
  • Tip: You can achieve this hairstyle with the aid of an excellent hair product which is suitable to the texture of your hair. A stronghold is a must if you have a thick hair, else a medium hold would be enough.
Style #3: Pompadour Style With Undercuts

This type of undercut will make you classy and trendy.

Source Instagram
  • Tip: Style your elongated hair backwards and apply a gel or wax to shape your hair similar to a pompadour.
Style #4: Side Undercut

​This type of cut is suitable for young as well as middle-aged men. This type of undercut can be enhanced with shaved designs created on each side of your head.

Side Undercut Hairstyle
Source Instagram
  • Tip: We recommend a regular visit to your barber in order to preserve the shaved designs. No need for further styling.
Style #5: Long Wavy Undercut

​This hairstyle variation of undercut is much better if you have a curly hair. The longer your hair on top, the better the result you will have.

Long Wavy Undercut Hairstyle
Source Pinterest
  • Tip: We recommend a good quality hair styling product such as gel or wax and apply to your bangs which will create a punkish look.
Style #6: Classy Textured Undercut

Having a problem of not having a square face? Well, this is the solution for you to have an undercut.

Classy Textured Undercut Hair
Source Instagram
  • Tip: We recommend that you put a distinctive characteristic to this style by creating a high contrast on the lengths of your hair like emphasizing short sides which forms a square face contour.
Style #7: Faded Undercut For Long Hair

This is an interesting style of undercut most especially if you have a thick hair

Long faded undercut
Source Pinterest
Style #8: Wavy Top and Fade

If you are a person who is very choosy when it comes to hairstyles, then this variation is very much ideal for you. You will appear to be formal and decent, yet trendy.

Source Instagram
  • Tip: Simply brush your wavy hair strands with your fingers backwards.
Style #9: The Side Undercut With Fade

This is a combination of the undercut and the fade technique.

Side Undercut With Fade Hairstyle
Source Instagram
  • Tip: Maintain this kind of hairstyle by not having your top hair shaved too short. See to it that you comb your hair directing to the side of your head and some going to your back. This is for the purpose of emphasizing the parting line that was created.
Style #10: Double Layer Undercut

​This variation of undercut is another attractive option that defines a short trimmed portion of your hair which is below your top hair. From that part, there is another shaved portion which creates an imaginary hairline that looks like a marked double layer.

Double Layer Undercut Hairstyle
Source Instagram
  • Tip: Have a long neat beard that will perfectly match with this hairstyle.
Style #11: All-Round Long Undercut

​If you want to have a young boyish look, this variation of undercut is one of the best hairstyles.

All-Round long undercut hairstyle
Source Instagram
  • Tip: We recommend that you do not have to make a very short undercut. Keep the longer parts of your hair on one side or you may opt to create a good volume like a bun. Use a good quality hair product that will hold your hair in your chosen style.
Style #12: Curly Undercut

This version of undercut is amazing if you have a naturally, curly hair. Having a curly hair creates more volume as well as other styling possibilities. However, it is also quite challenging to handle such.

Source Pinterest
  • Tip: We recommend that you apply a texturizer on your hair. This will help you look cleaner. Also, try to have your undercut done smoothly so it will look nice.
Style #13: Edgy Undercut

This is the type of modern undercut which can make you a head turner. Get the edgy look with the use of a razor directed upwards.

Edgy Undercut Hairstyle for Men
Source Instagram
  • Tip: We recommend that you make the top section of your hair into a square shape and apply some polished highlights on your hair so as to look more charming.
Style #14: Back-Slicked and Tapered Undercut

Having a short hair is not a problem if you wish to have an undercut. You can achieve a classic style of undercut by having your hair cut finely into square angles then slick back your upper hairs.

Source Instagram
  • Tip: Apply a good quality styling product like gel and finish it with a semi-matt.
Style #15: Military Undercut

If you wish to have a fashionable and unique, yet stylish undercut, then the military cut will look good on you. Have your hair on sides be perfectly shaved to achieve a better look.

Millitary Undercut Hairstyle
Source Pinterest
  • Tip: Your hair at the sides are ideally faded which should be complementing with the appearance of your top hairs.
Style #16: Slicking Hair Forward

​This is the opposite version of the slicked back undercut since you are going to style your hair forward. This makes a unique type of undercut since you can achieve either a vintage or modernized look as it depends on your own preference.

Slicking Forward Undercut
Source Instagram
  • Tip: Create twirls towards your forehead if you wish to achieve a vintage look. Otherwise, use a styling product such as matte to have your hair finished perfectly.
Style #17: Undercut With a Curvy Side Part

Have this as an experiment to work out a new undercut hairstyle as long as you are not afraid to try it. If your hair is quite thick and you are brave enough to try this, then you will achieve an impressive look with this curvy side under shave.

Curvy Side Part Undercut
Source Instagram
Style #18: Undercut Plus Beard

Some men prefer not to have a beard. However, if you try to complement your beard with matching hairstyle, definitely, it will give you more appealing look.

Source Pinterest
Style #19: Side Part Undercut

​This variation of undercut hairstyle is most suitable to men who have thick and dark to dark blonde hair.

Side Part Undercut Hairstyle Men
Source Pinterest
  • Tip: Leave the top portion of your head with the longer hair. Brush it backwards or sideways to make it more stylish. You may also want to bleach your hair with a light tone.
Style #20: Business-Casual Style

​This is a very suitable variation of undercut if you are a person who works during the day and has to be in a formal look.

Business-Casual Hairstyle Undercut
Source Instagram
Style #21: The Long Hair Rebellion

This hairstyle variation of undercut is attractive if you have a long hair. You do not need to cut your long hair just to have an undercut.

Source Pinterest
  • Tip: You can tie your hair if you wish to show your undercut, else you may opt not to reveal it.
Style #22: Faux Undercut

If you are not totally ready cutting your hair with the different styles of undercut, then this type can be your choice as long as you have medium length hair. This hairstyle will make you look good but is actually not showing that you cut your hair with an undercut.

Faux Undercut Hairstyle
Source Instagram
Style #23: Colorful and Creative

​If you wish to have a more versatile type of undercut, then you may opt for this stylish look.

Source Pinterest
  • Tip: A greater volume of your hair on top should be defined. If you have a longer hair, try to braid or make a ponytail. After which, you may choose to apply a bright color to add a funkier look. We recommend that you do not apply permanent colors so that you will have more chances of finding the best color for your hair.
Style #24: Braids/Dreads Undercut

If you have a long hair, then you may opt for this style. Braids and dreads can also be a good match with an undercut.

Source Instagram
Dread Undercut
Source Instagram
  • Tip: Braid your hair with small braids or make several dreadlocks, then shave the sides with the level you which you think looks good on you. Make a ponytail by pulling the braids or dreadlocks.
Style #25: The Extravagant Undercut

If you want to have a natural look or somewhat dramatic, then this style will look good on you.

Extravagant Undercut Hairstyle
Source Instagram
  • Tip: Put a maximum volume of the hair on top as well as in the edge.

The Final Words

In the current trends on popular hairstyles, undercut has been one in the top of the lists even if it was actually based on the simple hairstyle in the 1940s. From students to professionals, this type of haircut has been suitable to every man with different hair styles.

It does not have any boundaries or limits when it comes to the type and texture of your hair. It actually goes with every man’s hairstyle. The only thing you need to know is how to do undercut properly and how to style an undercut correctly.

As you have browsed with the several styles of undercut – from classic to modernized variations, you are now ready to achieve a perfect undercut hairstyle. Have it on an extreme way or rather have it as classic style.

So, what are you waiting for? Almost every man has been brave enough to experiment their hair with this kind of haircut. Have the simple yet full of stylish variation of undercut that you will enjoy!

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