How To Know Which Hair Color is Best for You – Things to Keep in Mind

Choosing the right hair color is one of the most important decisions you'll make. Not only does it look great, but there are also a variety of hair colors that can flatter any skin tone.

Whether you're a blonde, brunette or redhead, there's a hair color that matches your complexion. But, how to know which hair color looks best on you?

Whether you want to change your look or just add some glamour, here's everything you need to know about hair colors and how to decide which hair color is best for you.

Hair Color and Skin Tone

The first thing to remember is that not all hair colors look good on everyone. Before choosing a color, take into account your skin tone and what looks best on you.

There are four different main types of human skin: light, fair, medium and dark. Each has its own unique shade of hair color that works well with it. 

Light skin tones tend to look best with the lightest colors, while medium and dark skin tones need a little more pigment to make them stand out. If you have very pale skin and want to go for a lighter color, you should go for a cool toned blonde or bright red tone.

If you have medium to dark skin, stick to a warmer tone such as burgundy or a dark brown as they will look better and more natural.

rihanna burgundy hair color

Rihanna looks good in her curly burgundy hair (Source: Pinterest)

The Perfect Hair Color for Your Personality

The key to picking the right hair color for you is finding one that complements your personality.

If you have a fun personality, it is best to go for hot colors such as red, purple and yellow. If you have a more serious personality, go for versatile colors like blue black or dark green. If you are very shy and reserved, going for a natural color such as brown or black is the best choice. 

If you are outgoing and have a more bold personality, vibrant colors such as orange and pink are the way to go.

Temporary or Permanent Hair Color: What is Best for You

If you are planning to have your hair colored for a short time, a temporary color is the best choice. The colors last only for a couple of weeks and can be washed out easily.

In contrast, permanent hair color will stay on your hair until you decide to remove it by re-dyeing your hair. However, permanent hair colors always look more professional than the temporary ones. So when it comes to choosing a permament hair color, make sure it's one that you really love.

Besides temporary and permanent hair dye, there is another type of hair dye which called semi-permanent hair color. This type of hair dye will fade after six weeks. This is the reason why it is called semi-permanent.

You should better think about how long you want your hair to stay in that shade before buying any type of hair dye. If you want a hair dye to cover your grey hair, permanent hair dye may be a good choice. Make sure that there is a "grey coverage" label on the outside of the package.

Highlights or Lowlights: Last but not Least

If you are not aware of highlights and lowlights, then you must read up on them.

Highlights and lowlights are two hair color techniques that use different methods to give your hair a new look. In short, highlights lighten hair by scattering strands of a lighter color, and lowlights add dimension to hair by scattering strands of a darker color.

highlight application

Highlighting and lowlighting are difficult techniques that require professional assistance. So, it is important that you have a consultation with a professional stylist before you decide to have your hair done in this way.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right hair color for you is not an easy task. It requires a lot of thought, research and understanding of what you want to achieve. It is also important that you choose the right hair color for your skin type as well.

This means choosing a color that will not be too light or too dark for your skin tone. Furthermore, you need to determine how long you want to have your hair colored in order to choose the type of hair dye that will work best for you.

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