Folexin Review: Best Solution for Hair Loss?

Last Updated February 21, 2024

Millions of people around the world who are suffering from hair loss and hair thinning. Anyone, regardless of gender, age, and race are equally vulnerable to hair loss. Because of this, a lot of people seek various solutions in order to save their hair. However, while there may be an abundance of hair solutions out in the market, not all can be effective.

You may be one of the many people trying to choose the best hair product for you to overcome your hair loss problem. To help you find the most appropriate hair loss solution for your preference and your condition, here is a detailed and honest review of what the product Folexin is all about including its features, advantages and disadvantages, benefits, and more.

What is Folexin?

Folexin, previously known as Foligen, is a formula that boosts the natural process of hair growth and improves the quality of hair. It is manufactured in a United States Food and Drug Administration registered facility and is commercialized and distributed by the natural health company Vita Balance. The product is used for combating hair thinning and possesses the following features:

  • It contains Biotin, a vitamin of the B complex that helps in improving hair strength and elasticity.

    Fact: A study conducted by Glynis Albon in 2015 reported the effect of Biotin pills in significant hair growth. Two groups of women with receding hairlines were given two different pills. The first group took in Biotin pills, while the second took placebo. After 90 days of continuous dosage, the women who took Biotin pills had significant improvements in hair growth.
  • It contains Fo-Ti, an herb that is used in Chinese medicine. Fo-Ti is actually proven to be helpful in hair growth. A study conducted by Hye-Jin Park, Nannan Zhang, and Dong Ki Park in 2011 reported that the extracts of this Chinese herb induced the anagen phase in resting hair follicles, thereby promoting hair growth.
  • It is created using natural ingredients and extracts that have been proven effective in assisting hair regrowth. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Magnesium Oxide, and Manganese Chelate, which are all helpful in repairing, strengthening, and stimulating the regrowth of hair.
  • It is entirely safe. No side effects have been reported or confirmed so far.
  • It is useful for both men and women.

Benefits of Folexin

Hair loss can be caused by environmental factors, hormonal imbalance, or genetics, and Folexin helps in the regrowth of hair in all of these cases. The creators of the product are aware of the causes of hair loss and recognize these in its formula.

Folexin contains the vitamin Biotin. Biotin is an integral component for the propagation of body cells. It boosts the breakdown of body fats and proteins, resulting in hair cells that can absorb nutrients more easily. Some individuals who suffer hormonal imbalance and genetic diseases that result in an improper growth of hair cell enzymes can use Folexin to regain a normal and healthy hair growth. Because of the constant use of the product, the amount of Biotin in the body is increased, thereby resulting in a much better hair health.

The product also contains ingredients such as Fo-Ti and folic acid that help in the production and maintenance of new cells. This helps promote the growth of hair even more. Because of this, the strength and elasticity of your hair and the health of your scalp is improved.

It also contains Vitamin A, which helps in the production of sebum, an oily substance that moisturizes the skin and keeps the hair healthy; Vitamin C, which protects you from oxidative stress and the possible aging of your hair; Magnesium, which helps in protein synthesis, a process that is important for normal hair cycle; and Vitamin D, which aids in creating new hair follicles.

Unlike other products that are synthetically-based, Folexin’s ingredients are all natural – no harmful chemicals or additives are used. It is a product that only helps in the natural processes of the body in the regrowth, repair, and strengthening of hair. Because of this, you should expect great improvement without suffering the side effects of harmful chemicals.

Supplement Facts of Foligen

Usually, the synthetic components of other hair growth products could trigger allergy and cause skin irritation. But because Folexin doesn’t use any synthetic component, it is highly unlikely for users to experience the same adverse effects. In fact, so far, there hasn’t been any reported case of a side effect of the product.

You should expect an improvement in hair health for only a short period of time. In the first few weeks, patches of your scalp which initially didn’t have hair strands would start to regrow hair. The length and quality of your hair would also improve. In addition to this, your nail and skin will become healthier.

Also, the good thing about the product is it doesn’t just help regrow and repair hair, but it also lessens one’s susceptibility to future hair loss. While it tries to repair damaged hairs and aid in the growth process of thinning hairs, it also improves the overall health of the hair. The product addresses the individual causes of hair loss, and a user can prevent further hair loss by constantly using the product.


Paula Client

One review from a customer named Paula highlighted the effects of Folexin in improving the growth and pigment of her hair. She observed an improvement in her hair growth in receding patches and indicated that her husband noticed that her grey hairs started to darken as well. The improvement in her hair color is due to the increased amount of minerals because of constant use of the product. Potential buyers who similarly have grey hair strands and want to improve their hair color along with their hair growth may benefit from Folexin.

Jessica Client

Another customer named Jessica Donald, who have been using the product for 6 months, noted the improvements in her hair. According to her testimonial, her hair began changing just after two months of using Folexin. She also highlighted that her nails seemed to be healthier. Her testimonial underscores Folexin’s quick effects. Through the constant use of Folexin, users can see noticeable improvements for as early as two months.

Sandra Client

A customer named Sandra also stated a testimonial. She previously used another hair product for 8 months to boost her hair growth, but it was entirely ineffective. But after she discovered and constantly used Folexin, she started seeing improvements in her hair growth. Based on Sandra’s testimonial, Folexin is a much more effective product compared to some others.

Simon Client

Simon, another customer, also indicated the quick effects of Folexin. According to him, after using the product for only two weeks, he began noticing a significant amount of growth in his receding hairline. His testimonial highlights how Folexin can quickly improve hair growth for other individuals. Buyers who want a product that can improve hair growth and strength in just a short period of time can use Folexin.

Mark Client

A customer named Mark also stated the improvements in his hair. He said that his father started to suffer from hair loss at 30 and he knew that it wouldn’t be long before he did as well. His hairline began receding further and further, but when he was introduced to Folexin, his hair improved. He is now back in control and no longer waiting for his hairs to fall.

Linda Client

Meanwhile, Linda said in her review that the results have been excellent. According to her, Folexin helped improve her hair texture. Her hair was once very dry but became healthier and a lot smoother. She also added that while brushing or combing, she’s not losing as much hair strands as before. Although the results were good, Linda only rated the product four stars because of the high price.

What You Should Watch Out For

Although Folexin has a lot of benefits, you should also keep in mind a few things. Folexin is not a miracle cure. It is only created to aid the natural growth process of the hair. Also, you should not expect an overnight success. Like any other products, there are various other factors to consider when you are using the product. The length of time it will take for you to see significant improvements also depend on your lifestyle and hair condition. Everyone has different hair situations, and not every success story is applicable to all.

Before you buy

Before you can finally decide and purchase Folexin for your hair loss problem, here are a few buying notes that are beneficial to know:

  • The product can only be purchased from the official website of Folexin, You may worry about the safety of purchasing online, but the official website of Folexin is actually safe as it has strong and secure data encryption.
  • Buying can be a little inconvenient because the products are only available on the official website. But because it is the official website, the product quality and authenticity is guaranteed.
  • The product can be a little pricey. One bottle of Folexin is good for one month, and it costs $24.95. However, when you purchase 4 bottles, you can get one extra bottle for free. Also, when you buy 2 bottles, you can get them for $44.96 and save $4.94.
  • If you are purchasing the product for long-term use, it is best if you avail the promos so you can save extra money.
  • The product can be shipped worldwide.
  • To get a 5% discount when you purchase online, you need to use the coupon code below

Final Words

Folexin is one of the best hair growth vitamins out on the market. It is a professionally-used product that only uses natural ingredients without the harmful chemicals and fillers. It aids in the life cycle of hair strands, resulting in a stronger, thicker, and better hair.

The product may be pricey, but it is definitely worth its price. Nowadays, it is impossible to find a hair loss solution that is affordable and effective at the same time. This is why if you are trying to purchase a hair growth formula, Folexin is the best choice.

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