5 Steps on How to Fix a Bad Hairline Naturally

Whether it’s brought by a medical condition or that’s just how you look, a receding hairline is still not a pretty sight, especially if you’re a non-senior individual.

There are a number of reasons behind a bad hairline and most of them can be resolved with simple home remedies.

Here are 5 steps on how to fix a bad hairline naturally.

How To Fix A Bad Hairline

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Find Out What’s the Root Cause​

Before researching on products to regrow hair and other such solutions, you need to figure out what causes your hairline to appear that way. Is your hairline naturally crooked or did it begin to change only recently? Does the change appear to be due to hair loss? Or do you feel some other condition is to blame?

A bad hairline can be caused by a variety of things and each one can be treated in different ways. In most cases, you can fix a bad hairline naturally or through medical help in under a few months, even weeks.

Figuring out the cause of your bad hairline will certainly speed up the process of treatment, if it’s needed. If you want to know how to fix a bad hairline properly you need to understand what you’re up against first.

Change your diet, your shampoo and your lifestyle to see if it makes a difference. If you feel that your bad hairline is being caused by a more serious condition and not just hair loss then you should seek medical help.​


Reduce Stress

People get sick easily and are more prone to develop conditions when under a lot of stress. It’s usually the perpetrator of sudden negative changes in the body like your weight, skin and yes, even your hairlines. If your hairline has suddenly receded and you didn’t have a change of hair products you may have to reconsider your current lifestyle.

Oftentimes, it’s not the stress itself but its effects that cause hair loss and harmful body changes. When under stress, people tend to sleep, eat and drink less. This change in sleeping patterns and diet upsets the body enough to cause a few conditions.

Are you lacking sleep or had a noticeable change in your diet? Have you been under pressure at work lately or experiencing relationship problems? If you feel that you’ve had a stressful few weeks since your hairline started to go bad, focus on eliminating stress factors in your environment.

Stress can cause hair loss and/or the premature whitening of hair. In order to prevent further damage to any other part of your body, reduce stress first. This way, you can focus back on your health and restore your normal sleeping and eating patterns.​


Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are often underrated, especially among men, but if you want to know how to fix a bad hairline naturally this is one of your best options. Essential oil easily permeates, moisturizes and repairs skin with nutrients. It’s possible to naturally regrow your hair and repair damaged scalp without having to use topical treatment or other medical creams.

All it takes is regular scalp massage. You may find Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil useful to help soften crusted scalp surfaces. They can also reduce dandruff and repair damaged hair follicles, a great way to put your scalp back to health. If you feel that your scalp is completely healthy, some Thyme or Rosemary Oil can help improve the blood circulation in your scalp and stimulate hair follicles to regrow hair.

Essential oils are also great for when you are de-stressing. Putting a drop or two in a humidifier, or just on your pillow, will help you sleep better. The smell is relaxing and calms the mood.


Change Your Diet

Perhaps, you haven’t changed your diet in a while, and even if you feel there’s nothing wrong with it, there might still be room for improvement. What you eat determines the health of your body, and if your bad hairline is being caused by general unhealthiness then it’s time to change it up.

Contrary to what most believe hair relies more on the nutrients your body consumes rather than what’s applied to it, externally. Changing your shampoo only does half the trick; you also need to provide nutrients from the inside.

Fruits and vegetables are scarce in people’s diet today, mostly because fast food and other restaurants don’t include them enough. Add more of these to your diet, if not snacking on them more often. They contain essential vitamins and nutrients that generally keep your body healthy; immune system, hair follicles and all.

Nuts and seeds, avocados and coconuts are particularly packed with omega-3s, Vitamin E and Vitamin C that promote healthy skin and hair. You won’t be just keeping your hair healthy but your skin and nails too.​


Try A New Hairstyle

A bad hairline will eventually be your problem, especially when you’re starting to age. In some cases, you need to deal with it earlier. Conditions like hair alopecia and other internal disorders can cause receding hairlines, even in teenagers.

Should hair regrowth seem impossible or too slow a process, you may want to try out a new hairstyle in the meantime. A patterned buzz cut for men may be a refreshing experience, for example. For women, a set of bangs could easily do the trick of hiding the hairline.

Some people may also feel comfortable wearing wigs. If your hairline has gone bad to the point of near balding wearing a wig can help reduce your embarrassment. Of course, you should only try it out if you’re more comfortable this way.


Reduce or Quit Smoking

One secret on how to fix a bad hairline naturally is reducing, and eventually, quitting smoking. Not a lot of people know this but smoking can cause early balding, especially in men. Oftentimes it starts out in hairline reduction through hair loss.

Habitual smoking can cause a variety of conditions, from heart diseases to lung cancer, so you might think a bad hairline isn’t all that bad. Unfortunately, hair loss due to smoking is only one of many other conditions your body may have already developed.

In addition to that, there are irreversible skin and hair problems like male pattern baldness. Cigarettes contain a gamut of toxins that disrupts the flow of blood in your body. When this happens oxygen, vitamins and nutrients are delayed so body organs and other parts, like your hair follicles, function slower and provide less.

If you are a habitual smoker, even reducing your intake can greatly improve your current situation. You don’t need to quit abruptly but if you can eliminate much of your cigarette smoking only better health awaits you.​

Final Thoughts

Have you been taking care of yourself lately? Do you agree that your health directly affects your body’s image and the changes happening to it? If so, then it’s time to make the right changes. If you feel there’s more to add, or left unsaid, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.​

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