Color Oops Hair Color Remover – Reviews and Top Picks

Nothing is really permanent

In this world, even permanent items can be temporary. That includes hair color. It may be permanent but there are top remover that can take that permanent color out. Even permanent hair color is temporary in this world which is a good thing. You get to change your mind and your hair color when you want.

In this roundup we are selecting the top hair color remover product. To find out why we picked the Color Oops Hair Color Remover Extra Conditioning as the best one you have to continue reading our roundup.

It is filled with the information you need to know if you want to remove your permanent hair color

Color Oops Hair Color Removers - Product Overview

1. Color Oops Hair Color Remover Extra Conditioning - this is the best one from our picks. This top hair color remover can help you get rid of your permanent hair color and reverse your hair color back to the original within minutes. This product is pretty safe as it is formulated with conditioning ingredients, ammonia & bleach free. We liked this Color Oops color remover so much.

2. Color Oops Developlus Color Oops Color Remover (extra Strength) - this product is not filled with conditioning ingredients, but the company created a special formula that gives it extra strength to make it work even in hard-to-remove color shades. It is also ammonia & bleach free as well.

3. Color Oops Wipes - Permanent hair color stains on skin is a nightmare. This product is made of Aloe Vera based formula. It helps gently remove your semi-permanent or permanent hair color stains on your skin without hurting it. 

Does Oops color remover work?

Does Color Oops work on permanent hair dye?

Does Color Oops damage hair?

Reviews of the Best Color Oops Hair Color Removers on the Market

Type of Product
Ammonia & Bleach free?
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Conditioning Color Remover



Extra Strength Color Remover



Hair Color Stain Remover


This product is formulated to remove your hair color with ease. When you want to return to your natural look, this is the product you want to have working with you. In about 20 minutes, you can have your natural color back and be looking great.

This color remover removes permanent hair dye and gets rid of that color you have grown to dislike. Its aloe vera and soy protein ingredients work hard to keep your hair safe and should not damage your hair in any way.

Free of bleach and ammonia you can use this version of color oops worry-free. You are not adding dangerous chemicals to your hair or your scalp. Throughout the process, your hair is in good hands.

But be forewarned. Color Oops does not restore natural hair color. It only removes the artificial color you put in your hair originally. This product works on hair that has been darkened only and returns gray hair to the color blonde.

This is a product that helps restore confidence as you remove the ugly fake color so you can get your natural color back or dye your hair to a better alternative.

Color Oops Hair Color Remover Extra Conditioning Review

What We Like

  • It works fast
  • Bleach & ammonia free
  • Safe to use
  • Natural ingredients

What We Don't Like

  • The sulfur odor
  • May not remove all the color in one application

This is another safe and easy to use hair color remover from Color Oops. Just make sure to do a patch test and a strand test to make sure you do not suffer any allergic reactions.

Like its competitors, it works fast and you should have your natural hair color back in about 20 minutes. There is no bleach nor ammonia in this product either making it a very close competitor to the number one product in this roundup.

Make sure not to use this product on your eyelashes or your eyebrows. Damage may come to your eyes if this product does get in. Rinse your eyes thoroughly then contact your doctor to get the aid you need.

Then permanent and semi-permanent hair color are no match for this color remover. You can take your natural hair color back one day or even a year after coloring it with the artificial dye color.

Color Oops Developlus Color Oops Color Remover (extra Strength) Review

What We Like

  • Works on permanent hair colors
  • Works on semi-permanent hair color
  • Safe to use

What We Don't Like

  • Must be applied fairly quickly or you get bad results
  • May not work on red color dyes
  • Re-dyeing may bring undesirable results

If you want a real gentle product to remove permanent hair color then this may be the one for you. It is a bottle of wipes that dissolve hair color no matter where it is found. You can use this product to get permanent colors off your face, hands and your neck.

Plus, it is a gentle way to remove permanent and non-permanent hair color from your neck, face and arms. 10 wipes come in a container making sure you have enough on hand to handle any spills that happen when you dye your hair.

Also, there is no bleach or ammonia included in its ingredients so your skin is safe throughout the whole process. After using this product for about 20 minutes you should be able to see your own skin again. All the dye should be removed without harming you or your health.

One other thing making me love this product is that it is an extra strength hair color remover that comes with a new fresh scent that shouldn’t offend your nose. Other Color Oops products have a nasty sulfur odor to them. You won’t be treated to that harsh odor when you use these wipes to clean up with.

Color Oops Wipes Review

What We Like

  • Very easy to use
  • Comes in a nice storage container
  • Very gentle on your skin

What We Don't Like

  • May not remove all the color
  • May need more than one to get the job done

Things to Consider When Considering Using Color Oops

There are always some things to consider before using a new product to remove color from your hair, including Color Oops products:

  • Are you ready to go blonde - that may be the result if you remove permanent hair color when you had gray hair.
  • You won’t be able to restore natural color that has been removed - this is an important point if you are looking for a magical cure for your hair color issues
  • You may need more than one box - Color Oops does not always remove stubborn color or black coloring and if you have thick hair you may need more than one box to finish the job in all situations
  • There is a time limit - Color Oops stops working after 25 minutes. If you use more applications right after the initial one, the color removal will be minimal

What We Found

The most important thing we found out was that permanent hair color is not permanent. There are formulas like Color Oops that can remove that color and allow you to re-dye your hair to a tint that is more appealing and flattering.

Plus you can do it without using peroxide, bleach or ammonia. That keeps your hair looking good without damaging it.

Some people who have used Color Oops products claimed that the product left a terrible scent on their hair. It exactly smells like rotten eggs because of sulfur based ingredients. The solution for that is to wash your hair with perfumed shampoo after using this hair color remover.

What Color Will My Hair be after Color Oops?

I suppose if I have colored my hair a darker color, and the peroxide in that permanent dye has not lightened my hair at all then Color Oops will remove the artificial color and return my hair to its natural color.

When you lighten your hair the dye removes natural color and Color Oops is incapable of restoring lost natural color. This is not a product you can use to get lighter hair back to its darker coloring.

Once the natural color is gone, it is gone forever. Grey hair is usually restored to blonde shade but on rare occasions, the gray has been restored

Recoloring Hair after Color Oops

If your hair has not been damaged by bleach, you can re-dye your hair the same day that you use Color Oops. It may be necessary to do a strand test before you re-dye your hair just to make sure it will work properly for you.

Keep in mind that black is the most difficult color to remove. That means you may be stuck with some black color in your hair after using Color Oops. Also, you can re-color your hair after using Oops if your natural hair color does not return. That situation usually happens after many dye jobs over the years.

Can I Bleach My Hair after Using Color Oops?

Yes, you can as Color Oops does not contain any bleach or ammonia products in it. Color Oops reverses the dye process and returns the hair intermediates to its normal small clear size.

However, those intermediates remain in your hair if not washed out. If you do not shampoo and rinse thoroughly then those intermediates can be re-oxidized and change your hair color back to the color you tried to get rid of.

Remember, Color Oops can only remove artificial hair color, it cannot restore lost natural color.

Color Oops Tips and Tricks

  • You may need two treatments of Color Oops if you have long, thick hair.
  • If you have stubborn hair color on your ends, place a shower cap over your head to retain body heat and let the Color Oops process or about 25 minutes
  • If you did not get rid of all the hair color with one box, then you can use a second box to remove the color but keep in mind that second box only removes a percentage of your hair color
  • Color Oops is sulfur based so you should put some very perfumed conditioner in your hair overnight to help get rid of the odor
  • Since Color Oops cannot restore your natural color it would be wise to re-color your hair with a dye that resembles your natural color

A Few Final Words

These products in this roundup were very similar and being made by the same company did not make the judging any easier. Instead, it made it harder because the products all had the same benefits and almost the same drawbacks.

In the end, we went with Color Oops Hair Color Remover Extra Conditioning basically because it conditions as it works. That characteristic was enough to put that option over the two and into the winner’s circle.

When you want to remove the color in your hair, go with one of the Color Oops options. They are made to make you happy and give you another chance at having the right hair color for the world to see.

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