How To Choose The Best Beard Comb

Even if you have never grown a beard before, it is impossible that you do not know what a beard comb is but nevertheless, a beard comb is a comb that you can use to maintain your beard. Checking out the selections available, you will come across different brands, shape and sizes. It is only common that you will feel a bit confused when you are making a decision. A lot of times, it will all depend on your preference.

Using A Hair Comb for Your Beard​

One of the mistakes that people make is assuming that it is okay to use the comb that they use on their hair for their facial hair but there should be a different comb used for the beard because the hair that grows on the face is somewhat different.

Choosing a good beard comb is important

The hair that grows on your head is usually softer so that comb that you use for your hair is meant to take care of your soft hair. The one that grows on your face tends to be rougher and a bit fuzzier. It will be hard to get rid of the tangles especially if your beard has already grown longer. Now that you know why you should not use your regular comb on your beard, you have to know the different factors you have to consider to help you make the right choice.​

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Beard Comb​

What are the things that you should reckon when you are searching for the right comb? Here are just some of the elements:

1. Price​

This may be one of the things that you will consider first. There are some combs that are known to be more expensive than others. Some say that the more expensive the comb is, the more effective it is going to be for your beard. This is because expensive combs are made of high quality materials that are meant to untangle your beard effectively.

2. Type of Comb

There are different types of beard comb available such as the following:​

  • Wooden
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Horn/Bone

A lot of men usually prefer the wooden beard comb most of all because they say that it is one of the most effective in getting rid of tangles and knots on the beard but there are also some who like the horn/bone version as this can give almost the same effect as the wooden version. You may try all and decide which one is best for your beard.

3. Thickness and Spacing of Beard

There are times when you may need more than one type of beard comb. When you are trying to untangle some of the knots brought about by your hair, you need a wide toothed comb to get rid of the tangles eventually. If you have gotten rid of the tangles already and you just want to keep your hair in place, the best comb that you should use should be finely toothed. Just remember that when it comes to fine toothed beard combs, it is best to choose those that are not too fine in order to decrease the chances of getting scratched.

4. Handle

There are some beard combs that come with a handle while others will not have any handle. You need to take into consideration how you are going to use the beard comb. If you are going to use it just to comb your beard then you do not need one with a handle. If you are going to use the beard comb to cut and trim your beard then you would need one with a handle as this will make things easier.

5. Your Beard

This is not about the comb anymore. You have to think about your beard and how long it already is. If you only have a goatee or you do not have a beard but you have a mustache to maintain, a fine toothed comb is necessary. If you have a long beard, go with wide toothed ones and you can never go wrong with using those.

6. Reviews

It will be ideal to check out the reviews about the different beard combs before you make a decision. Remember that there are so many that are available. You can make a short list of the combs that you want and you can make a choice from there. You should also consider the type of beards that the reviewers have before you make a decision.

You have to think that in the end, it will all come down to your preference. If you like folding combs then you know that this is the best one available for you. You have to choose what you want too otherwise you will not be happy with any comb that you will pick. The moment that you find the right comb, you will most likely bring it with you, wherever you go.​

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