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Blue Black Hair – A Classic but Elegant Hair Color for Guys

Hair dyes are not just made for women you know. Even men can fulfill their desire to dye the hair whatever shade they want. This includes risky, experimental choices like blue black hair. To be honest, it takes courage to choose a color like this to transform your look.

With so many blue black hair dye brands, it’s now become very easy to change your natural hair color. On top of that, this particular shade is becoming more and more popular among men too.

So how about I discuss a few ideas and looks that you might find interesting?

#1. Black Hair with Blue Highlights

No doubt, there are different shades or variations of black and blue hair, even for men. So if you’re fond of the hair color, then you should select a variation that suits your hairstyle the most. And one way to go about it is to choose blue highlights.

In fact, blue highlights are very popular among younger men. It’s the best blue black shade that works for young people. Particularly those that have a very edgy personality. Needless to say, blue highlights tend to stand out whether your hair length is long or medium.

So if your natural hair color is black, then why not add some blue highlights to it? It’s a tried and tested strategy that looks very appealing on young men. Jut steer clear from lighter tones for avoiding too much deviation in your hair color.

#2. Navy Blue Hair

The words dark blue black hair male often point in the direction of navy blue hair. It’s the darkest shade of blue, which makes it a very suitable choice for working men. Meaning you can wear this particular shade to your office as well.

It’s not very shiny and attention-grabbing, that’s for sure. Nevertheless, navy blue carries a sense of sophistication and elegance. Hence, apt for men working in an office environment. Nobody at work will be able to detect this color. And that’s the beauty of it.

Navy blue hair color looks just like black when indoors. It’s only when you go out during the peak hours of the sun or when the lights are bright enough to expose your dyed looks does your navy blue hair appear to be shiny.

If you ask me, it’s a very common blue black shade variation for guys. And the best part about it is that navy blue works for all men, no matter the skin tone and age. Young boys and even middle-aged men opt for navy blue to make the most of the popular blue black trend. The latter often dye their hair blue black to look younger. And it works flawlessly each time!

#3. Blue Black Hair with a Faux Hawk Hairstyle

I’m sure you must have seen celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Zayn Malik, Brad Pitt, etc. flaunting the very popular faux hawk hairstyle. This style includes very short hair along the sides and at the back and a longer length at the top. And it’s the top area where you apply the blue black dye.

There’s just no denying that the combination of a faux hawk hairstyle and blue black color offers a rugged, masculine appearance. But this transformation requires you to use quite a lot of pomade for maintaining the hairstyle. Irrespective of that, the look definitely turns heads. It has the ability to give you a fresh new image that makes you look very brawny and attractive.

#4. Midnight Blue Hair with a Short Haircut

Midnight blue hair dye on black hair is another very attractive choice for men. Men with buzz cuts and black men are more suited to flaunt this particular blue black shade. The most desirable variation of blue lack hair on dark skin is often midnight blue.

Midnight blue is a very impressive and trendy shade even among women. It suits all skin tones and facial shapes. On top of that, midnight blue hair dye brightens up the face. The color makes you look very handsome and modern. So there’s no doubt that it’s a great choice but with short hair.

#5. Dark Blue Hair

After navy blue, it’s dark blue that men prefer when they want their hair color to not grab attention. It’s a very effective solution to wanting to dye your hair blue and, at the same time, to make sure it looks sophisticated and elegant.

The thing about darker shades of blue dyes is that they look very classic and modern. You can hide the real color here if you’re indoors. That means when your dyed hair is not exposed to bright lights and the sun. In my opinion, it’s the best one for flaunting the blue color hair trend the most discreetly.

#6. Dark Blue Black Hair with a Spiky/Messy Faux Hawk Hairstyle

A spiky or messy faux hawk hairstyle with dark blue black hair does seem like a very bold choice. You are going to be grabbing a whole lot of attention with this spiky dark blue mess. But you have to take into account that you’re also going to require styling products for maintaining the hairstyle. Such as pomade or hairspray.

Styling products, at such times, add more movement and volume to your dyed tresses. Just keep from overusing as these products tend to make the hair too greasy. And that can ruin your look.

But, needless to say, not every shade of blue and black hair has to be tamed. Some can just remain messy and stand out like this combination of dark blue black spiky hair.

Useful Guidelines for Blue Black Hair on Men

If you’re interested in dyeing your hair blue black, then you should do it right.

Dye your hair based on your skin tone

There’s no negating the fact that not all blue black color variations are going to suit your particular skin tone. The rule of thumb is to pick a shade that’s the opposite of the undertone of your skin. Simply check your underarm region.

Purple or blue veins are found on cooler skin tones. Hence, warmer colors are more suited in this case. On the other hand, greenish veins appear on warmer skin tones, for which cooler hair dyes look more fitting.

What about the selection of blue black depending on your skin tone? Darker hues of blue black are very suitable for all skin tones. This includes navy blue, dark blue, and midnight blue.

Dye your hair based on your natural hair color and type

The logic here is quite straightforward. If your hair is curly, thick, or dark, the process of dyeing or bleaching your hair on your own is not easy. You have to subject them to several treatments to achieve the desired look. And nothing about subjecting your hair to several treatments sounds good or healthy for the hair. Hair damage here is inevitable.

That said, visit a salon and let the experts handle the job if your hair isn’t naturally fine and light.

Dye your hair based on your age

The numbers do matter in the case of dyeing your hair blue black. Speaking of age, black hair with blue highlights is the best choice for young men. So if you don’t fall in that category yet you want to be a part of the blue black color hair trend, then I would highly recommend the navy blue shade instead.

When you’re just entering your 40s, it works in your favor to go for something that looks more classic rather than attention-grabbing like blue highlights. So your safe, foolproof choices are navy blue and dark blue.

Dye your hair based on your personal style

You have to take factors like your job into consideration. When working in an office, the dress code is essential. This means you can’t show up at work with shiny blue highlights or bright all-blue hair. But you can show up with navy blue hair that looks almost like black hair.

Dye your hair based on maintenance

When choosing hair dyes and hairstyles, it’s important to think about maintenance. I mean do you want your morning routine to include spending a long time in front of the mirror trying to manage your hair? What about using styling products, are you okay with that?

Let me tell you that dyes cause a little bit of damage to your hair. After all, they have chemicals in them that destroy your hair’s natural oils. Therefore, your hair is bound to look brittle and dry. So only if you have the time, effort, money, and patience for the upkeep should you consider dyeing your hair.

The EndNote

After all the information on the different blue and black hair colors, the decision about which one to choose and why should become easier to make. The best part here is that there’s a blue black variation for everyone. Just because you’re middle-aged, darker skin-toned, or have a shorter hairdo doesn’t mean you cannot be a part of the blue black color hair trend.

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