The Best Water Based Pomade – Reviews and Top Picks

Last Updated February 21, 2024
Being a trendsetter in the hair scene calls for more than the coolest hair cut; being able to style that hair in an ultra-modern or an artsy modern-meets-the-past requires the best water based pomade.

Grooming says a lot about a man and most, if not all women consider grooming when thinking about the possibility of dating. So, whatever you intend to do with your hair, make sure it is impressive. A modern pompadour, a high and tight hair style, or that slicked back hair style will look a tad sexier when the best water based pomade is in the styling mix.

Best Water Based Pomade

You may be wondering, why pomades and not gels or hair wax. Well, over the years, pomades win in styling naturally dry hair, and they hold hair styles pretty well. Pomades offer a medium to a maximum possible hold, and you can get a medium or a high shine. So, depending on the components of the pomade, you get the best styling product that doesn’t feel heavy on your head.

There is one issue though – despite being the go-to hair styling product, it is hard to pick out one product on the market because there are many pomades available. When presented with multiple choices of products which offer almost similar effects, it becomes hard to make the right choice. It is human.

For that reason, we took it upon ourselves to pick five of the best water based pomades, just for you.

You need a strong hold to pull off a slick back, side part, or a pompadour. Suavecito Pomade Firme (Strong) Hold 4oz makes all that possible. It is non-greasy, it doesn’t stain, and it leaves hair feeling healthier. It is free of harsh chemicals and offers a moderate shine.

For a water soluble pomade giving you a high hold and a medium shine, try this Layrite Super Hold Pomade. It works well even for the curliest and the thickest hair without flaking because it is free of drying formula. Therefore, it keeps your hair soft.

This water based Imperial Barber Grade Products Classic Pomade will give your hair a medium to a strong hold plus a medium sheen. It is easily applicable, and it is easy to clean it out.

The light coconut and vanilla scent of this Uppercut Deluxe Pomade makes this one of our favorite pomades. It is water soluble and of gives off a medium shine and a medium to strong hold on the hair.

Rhett and Link's Mythical Pomade has a matte finish, and it gives you a medium hold over your hair style. It makes hair almost mythical thanks to the added Jojoba and organic Argan oil which condition the hair because they are rich in vitamins and omega fatty acids.

Reviews of the Best Water Based Pomade on the Market

Editor's Rating


Strong Hold, Medium Shine

Strong Masculine scent


Strong Hold, Medium Shine

Nice slightly strong masculine smell


Medium Hold, Medium Shine

Sweet and Fruity


Medium Hold, Medium Shine

Light coconut with Vanilla


Medium Hold, Matte Finish

Subtle masculine smell

Suavecito Pomade Review

This is the best water based pomade on the market seeing that it is a favorite of most people. It is our favorite pomade because it offers a strong hold on hair making it possible for you to pull off a slick back, pompadour or a side part.

The hold of this pomade makes it ideal for use by individuals with wavy or curly hair. It is water-soluble hence it washes out easily. You don’t need any special shampoos.

It is non-greasy, and it doesn’t stain hair after you wash it out. The formulation of the pomade with safe ingredients is the reason why it doesn’t dry our hair or even cause damage to the scalp.

Despite the strong hold, it is easy to comb through hair after applying the pomade. It offers a sturdy grip, and it enhances styling flexibility.

The creamy consistency of the pomade gives hair a vibrant but moderate shine.

What We Like

  • It has a nice masculine smell
  • It has a strong hold especially on thick hair
  • It is easy to comb
  • It washes out easily, and it is non-greasy
  • The price is great

What We Don't Like

  • Hair gets a little hard after application

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