The Best Combs for Men’s Hair – Reviews & Top Picks

best combs for men's hair

Whether you have a comb over or a great hairstyle you should invest in one of the best combs for men’s hair in 2023. The reasoning behind that thinking is no matter what your hair looks like, you still need a very good comb to handle it.

These top combs for men will handle any hairstyle you may have. They are tough, sturdy and even look good even you pull them out of your pocket to fix your hair. When you want to look your best, you go with the best hair combs for men available.

Of all the top combs in this roundup, we liked the Kent the Hand Made Folding Pocket Comb best.

To find out why we came to that decision, you just need to keep reading our roundup.

The Best Comb for Styling Men's Hair Overview

  1. Kent the Hand Made Folding Pocket Comb - this is a top comb made in the fine 200+ year tradition of the Kent Comb Company. Hand made to perfection, its folding style protects the comb and your clothes. Plus, it is durable and easy to use when you are in a hurry. It is also the best folding comb available today.
  2. Breezelike Wide Tooth Sandalwood Comb - it is a unique comb that comes with an individual looking grain. Once in your hand, you can get a little massage as you comb your hair. Made from a rare tree, you are getting a hair experience, not just a comb.
  3. Kent 12T Handmade Comb - is another fine comb that comes with a strong tradition. Its simple design helps keep static away. Also, it is simple to use and will fit in your back pocket with ease. It is a tough and durable comb that is there when you need it.
  4. Baxter of California Comb - this is a traditional style comb that runs through your hair like a professional. Its lightweight makes it easy to maneuver and get the style you want. Made in Switzerland to have European quality and durability.
  5. Fashion+ Natural Hair Comb - this is a tough comb that handles all hairstyles and types. Its rounded teeth should not hurt your scalp or pull your hair out. The thick teeth help spreads beard oil well and should keep your hair looking great at all times.

Reviews of the Best Combs for Men's Hair on the Market

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#1. Kent the Hand Made Folding Pocket Comb (Best Comb for Men's Side Part)

This is a find toothed comb that comes from a company that has a long and storied history. In existence since 1777, this company knows how to make top combs. This 4 inch comb is made in that fine tradition and shows the excellent quality that goes into comb making.

Cut from high quality cellulose acetate, this comb comes with just under 50 teeth to make sure your hair looks just right. With its smooth feel and look this comb should not snag your hair or pull any out of your scalp. The rounded teeth see to that.

Then you have the fold-out style that protects the teeth when not in use. Once you are finished with using this comb, just fold it up and slip it away into a small pocket for later. The teeth stay in top shape for a long time because of this design

As this may be the best comb for side parts, you do not want to be without it no matter where you go. It’s easy to use, looks cool and makes sure it does not take up a lot of room in your pocket. The comb is convenient and easy to use.

Kent 82T Handmade Fine Tooth Saw-Cut Folding Pocket Comb Review

What We Like

  • Hand made with tradition
  • Folding design for better protection
  • Rounded teeth

What We Don't Like

  • Hinge may be fragile
  • Teeth may be too short

#2. Breezelike Wide Tooth Sandalwood Comb (Best Comb for Men's Curly Hair)

When your hair is long and curly, you may want to use this sandalwood comb to help keep it under control. This style of comb is said to be one of the best combs for men's curly hair. The reason for that praise is that it is not supposed to snag, create frizz or split ends.

Also, it is a good comb because it does not create static or cause hair to break. This comb helps relieve tension, massage your scalp and spread your natural oils around for healthy hair. Those are fine attributes every comb should have.

Made from one of the rarest trees in the world, this sandalwood comb retains the sandalwood aroma for years. Unfortunately, you need to be careful with this comb. It is fragile and should not be dropped nor should it be soaked in water.

Plus, you need to keep them from the heat and strong light. Other than that you are getting a comb made from a wood that the Chinese believe cleanses the soul from evil spirits. Its wide teeth should cleanse your hair and work miracles for you and make it easier when you want to comb your wet hair. The wood grain is unique with each comb.

Breezelike Hair Comb for Curly Hair Review

What We Like

  • Unique wood grain
  • Retains sandalwood aroma for a long time
  • Helps relieve tension
  • Anti static

What We Don't Like

  • It is very fragile
  • Can’t be near fireplaces and light
  • Can’t be soaked in water

#3. Kent 12T Handmade Comb (Best Comb for Men's Thick Hair)

This is another fine comb made by a company that has been making combs and hair brushes for over 230 years. Plus, this comb is made in the fine British tradition so you know you are getting quality as well as practicality.

On top of that, this comb is cut from cellulose acetate to make sure it is among the best comb for men's thick hair. The handmade comb is simple in design and use and great for those people who want a simple comb to handle their hairstyles.

After you run this comb through your hair, you should not feel any snags as the teeth are rounded. This design provides you with a top experience that may be second to none.

Plus, the small 5 inch size should fit into any one of your pockets with ease. In addition to that, you should not see an increase in static as you use this comb. Your hair should respond as you want it when you use this comb to tidy up your looks.

Being made of high quality cellulose acetate this comb is tougher than those made from plastic and lasts longer as well.

Kent 12T 5" 146mm Handmade Comb Review

What We Like

  • A simple comb
  • Durable and tough
  • Fits in the back pocket with ease

What We Don't Like

  • Teeth may be spaced too far apart

#4. Baxter of California Comb (Best Men's Pocket comb)

This handmade comb is made in Switzerland to take advantage of European technology and know-how. A 12 step process is applied to make sure each comb comes out looking and working like a comb should.

If you are not sure what cellulose acetate is it is just cotton and tree fibers blended together to make a top durable and tough construction material used for a variety of items like combs.

The tapered teeth are rounded and smoothed out so you do not get snagged, cut or irritated as you run this comb through your hair. Measuring 5 1/4 inches in length, you should be able to comb thick beards, wavy hairdos and more.

The simple comb design is done like traditional combs and should fit in your back pocket without damaging it. Thinly spaced and widely spaced teeth come together to make sure your hair is combed the way you want it to look. Baxter of California is one of the best pocket combs for men in 2023.

Plus, this is an easy to use comb. Just pull it out of your pocket, run it through your hair and then when you are done, put it away till you need it again. Thanks to the mentioned features, it may be the best comb for comb over hairstyles.

Baxter of California Comb Review

What We Like

  • It is hand made
  • The 12 step process
  • It’s a simple comb

What We Don't Like

  • May be a bit inferior in quality

#5. Fashion+ Natural Hair Comb (Best Comb for Men's Long Hair)

One of the best features this comb brings to your looks is that it can be used by both men and women. The long thick teeth help detangle your hair as you run the comb through. In addition to that, it helps cut the frizz out so your hair looks great all the time.

Plus, for those men with beards, it distributes your beard oil like nothing else. Made from Resin, this plastic comb is tough enough to handle the toughest of beards or the most difficult hairstyles. It may be the best comb for men's long hair as it treats your hair and head just right.

With rounded teeth, you should not have your scalp irritated by any sharp edges. Also, you should get more volume in your hair when you use this comb. It is designed to boost curls and waves without having you do a lot of work.

Even though it is lightweight, this comb is still durable and should handle a lot of punishment as you go through your day. It works on all hair types and is a handy hair product to have around the house. This comb is also static-free as well.

Fashion+ Natural Hair Comb Review

What We Like

  • Distributes beard oil well
  • Rounded teeth
  • Anti static comb
  • Works on all hair types

What We Don't Like

  • Made from plastic
  • Teeth are not spaced properly

What We Learned

In studying these combs we learned that they are not all made the same. The best men's hair combs come from a long tradition of comb and hair brush makers while the next level down comes from natural products.

We also learned that not all combs come with the same durability and strength. The natural combs are more fragile than the other construction materials. One drop and they may be broken forever.

What to Look For When Buying the Best Comb for Men's Hair

When looking for quality combs, you want to make sure they are made from top quality material. Good looks do not guarantee that the comb will last a long time. So double check the construction material and question its ability to hold up over daily use.

Other features you should look for are the quality of teeth, their shape and their spacing. Different sized spacing has different purposes. Some combs come with 2 to make sure you have choices in combing your hair.

The teeth should be rounded and smooth. These features help cut down on snags and should not irritate your scalp as you comb your hair. Then you should look at the size of the comb.

Can you keep it in your pocket or must it remain at home because it is too large to carry with you. These are questions you must ask to make sure you get the comb you can use all the time.

The winner is...

Hands down the Kent the Hand Made Folding Pocket Comb is the best men's hair comb of this round up. It may not be made of rare tree wood but it is not fragile either. It has a unique design that protects the teeth when not in use.

Plus, it comes from a storied hair brush and comb maker that knows its business. Those are qualities that are hard to overcome even if made from rare construction materials and have unique wood grains.

The question on what is the finest tooth comb available on the market is not hard to answer anymore.


Getting the right comb for your hair is essential to helping you look good. You want one of the 5 best combs for men’s hair in 2023 because they are made to protect your scalp and more.

They have the features that help them to stand out from their competitors.

Plus, they are made from top quality construction materials that help them last

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