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The Best Bonnet Hair Dryer for Natural Hair – Reviews & Top Picks

Tired of going to the salon?

Well, the best bonnet hair dryer for natural hair is all you need to cut down on your own beauty budget and also save time, without sacrificing your mane’s looks.

Yet, given the abundance of choices nowadays, it’s quite hard to decide on which bonnet hair dryer will suit you the most.

So, here’s a review roundup to help you quickly pick the right one.

We picked the Conair SB1XR Soft Bonnet Dryer as the best hood dryer for natural hair. Keep reading to find out why.

The Best Bonnet Hair Dryer for Natural Hair Overview

All things considered, these three managed to impress us the most.

  1. Conair SB1XR Soft Bonnet Dryer - Everything in this hair dryer seems designed for adding volume. The vent brush that it comes with, for example, can be used for upside-down and back-brushing strokes to add body to your hair.

    The bonnet’s extra large as well, making it suited for more extravagant styles. The dryer’s hose though, can get loose and doesn’t always fit securely into the cap.
  2. Revlon Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer - Revlon’s offering is known for its ability to help in retaining hair moisture and preventing hair breakage. That’s made possible by the three settings it has for speed and power.

    With flexibility comes potential danger though, as you might underestimate the maximum settings. The highest temperature option is really hot—and should be used carefully.
  3. Conair Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer - We stumbled upon this model which might just be the best bonnet hair dryer for African American hair, having a large hood comparable to the Conair model we just talked about above.

    Versatility is a key advantage for this model. It’s an intelligent approach in functionality since this dryer can be used for conditioning, using curlformers, and styling with roller sets.

    But, it does have a downside—the hood can’t be easily adjusted. Conair seems to have not considered people who want a dryer that can be conveniently lowered or raised.

Pro tip: If you’re looking for the best bonnet hair dryer for black hair, make sure to check out soft bonnet models. These produce constant and evenly distributed heat, minimizing risks of hair damage.

Reviews of the Best Bonnet Hair Dryers for Natural Hair

Temperature/Speed Setting
Editor's Rating


2.5 lbs

4 settings each


3.9 lbs

3 settings each


7.2 lbs

2 settings each

#1. Conair SB1XR Soft Bonnet Dryer (Best Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer for Black Hair)

If you are looking for conair soft bonnet hair dryer reviews, then here it is.

This one’s geared towards the more adventurous crowd. If you’re into not-so-common hairstyles, the vent brush this model comes with might just make achieving your distinct style much easier.

The SB1XR also comes with a large bonnet that can fit over jumbo rollers. And, the bonnet itself is supported by a four-foot flexible hose, reducing issues on maneuvering.

A downside here though, is that the settings don’t really differ that much, putting into question the need for more than three. As we’ve mentioned as well, the hose sometimes requires extra work to lock into place.

This product is definitely the best rated soft bonnet hair dryer available today.

What We Like

  • Storage case saves space for travel
  • Extra-large bonnet accommodates various styles
  • Vent brush for achieving the most creative looks

What We Don't Like

  • Takes a bit longer to dry hair
  • Issues with the hose not locking on to the cap
  • Not the most stylish design-wise

#2. Revlon Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer (Best Bonnet Hair Dryer for Black Hair)

There are a lot of soft bonnet hair dryers on the market to choose from...

For people with various hairstyling needs that sometimes require the use of jumbo rollers, the Revlon Ionic might be the best bonnet hair dryer they can get their hands on.

With its power and the ions it emits, this model is able to deliver fast drying while preventing frizz.

Still, to be safe, experiment on the cool setting when you first use this hair dryer. See if the air that it releases through this setting can help you achieve your desired hairstyle—without having to switch to higher settings.

This high quality hooded hair dryer can be rather handy even if you frequently travel. It’s relatively compact and the storage cage can actually hold the entire unit, including the power cord.

What We Like

  • Easy movement (great for those who multitask)
  • Ionic technology helps minimize hair damage
  • Compact storage case

What We Don't Like

  • The tube may fall out from rapid and strong movements
  • Short power cord that’s only two-feet long
  • It’s quite noisy

#3. Conair Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer (Best Bonnet Hair Dryer for African American Hair)

Like the SB1XR, Conair’s Pro Style has a bonnet with a spacious opening. It can support all sorts of styles, meaning you should be able to express your creativity.

Do note, however, that this model has only two heat options. But, the high setting that can deliver 1875 watts of power — and that’s great if you’re pressed for time.

Just be careful with the high setting though. Similar to Revlon’s offering, the Pro Style is capable of generating so much heat that it could be dangerous to jump straight to the highest setting.

By the way, moving back to a positive, this hair dryer doesn’t take up much space when not in use. Many appreciate that the six-foot long cord can be stored within the unit right into its base.

What We Like

  • Great for those who want high heat for drying hair faster
  • Features an elegant and sleek appearance
  • Long cord for easy movement

What We Don't Like

  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Height is not easily adjustable
  • Hot air is too focused on top, potentially missing hair ends

Questions to Ask Yourself before Making a Purchase

Bonnet hair dryers come in different shapes and sizes, with each type offering a different kind of experience. The main consideration is of course, your needs and lifestyle.

Before you invest in a particular bonnet hair dryer, be sure to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need to bring it with me whenever I travel?
  • What hair type do I have? Is it suited for my hair type?
  • Do I need a hair dryer that can also be used for styling and curling?
  • Do I really require a standalone bonnet hair dryer or will a hair dryer attachment suffice?

Yes, attachments can be enough and are not just cheap substitutes. Besides, they also come in different sizes and are typically made of durable material. Their main limitation, is that in terms of temperature control and heating power, they’re only as good your handheld hair dryer.

All in all though, answering these questions accurately and truthfully should make it easier for you pinpoint the specific features you need, as well as uncover your expectations from your next hair dryer.

And, with those information, finding the right product could be as easy as comparing each model’s specifications (including the pros and cons) against your very own checklist.

If you are wondering that "are bonnet dryers damaging?", then the question is yes. But, bonnet dryers cause less damage than regular hair dryers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bonnet Hair Dryer

Need a more detailed guide?

Well, to better help you in choosing the right bonnet hair dryer, here are the specifics that you’ll have to pay attention to as you shop:

  • Price
  • Hair Type
  • Heat Settings
  • Application Type
  • Noise Level
  • Hosepipe Length
  • Bonnet Size

If you’re willing to spend any amount on your next hair dryer, well, you really don’t need to think about your budget. However, for most people, there’s a clear limit on how much they’re willing to spend.

Note that popular brands tend to sell hair products that are more expensive than those of their lesser-known counterparts.

While there’s always the case to be made about getting similar features at a lower price, there’s also the durability and reliability that have become synonymous with established brands.

Still, if you’re new to using bonnet hair dryers you aren’t really sure what to expect, it might be best not to go all out on your first purchase. You might end up wanting an entirely different styling tool, after all.

Is your hair thin or thick? If it’s thick, it’s wise to settle with buying one that has a high wattage or power. Choosing the wrong kind could mean you’ll be spending a lot of time drying every day.

In addition, for thick hair (and even for curly hair), it might be advantageous to get one that features ionic technology. The negative ions from the dryer neutralize the positive ions of water, resulting in fast but safe drying.

If, on the other hand, you have thin hair, pick a ceramic hair dryer. This particular material allows for better heat control, making it easier to prevent damaging fragile hair.

Learn more: How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer for Your Hair Type

You definitely need to look at the heat settings of the unit you’re considering. Otherwise, you might get stuck with one that has limited options.

You’ll either want to get rid of it because the settings available can’t produce enough heat, or you’ll end up placing the blower far enough from your head due to the uncontrollable amount of heat that it produces.

However, don’t put too much value on units that have more than three settings, expecting that each heating setting is truly distinct.

A three-setting model can make you feel the difference among low, medium, and high heat. On a four-setting model, chances are there’s not much difference between two consecutive options.

Some hair dryers come with additional functions that allow for hair setting with rollers, hot oil, heat treatment, deep conditioning, and color processing, while others don’t offer such functionalities.

A few models we’ve seen on the market come with a vent hair brush that’s specifically for adding volume. Consider that feature if you’re looking to apply techniques on making your hair appear fuller.

One good example of those volume-adding techniques is pinning up the hair’s upper layer and back-brushing the rest, while at the same time working from section to section.

While there seems to be a link between power and noise, no one really wants a hair dryer that’s capable of causing hearing damage. This is why models that generate minimal noise are quite popular.

Most manufacturers are very particular when it comes to designing hair dryers that are as quiet as possible. Some even consider this feature as their top priority.

This should be your priority as well if you intend to use your dryer early in the morning or late at night when everybody else in the house is still fast asleep.

The length of the hosepipe matters, as it defines whether or not you can conveniently move the unit around while you dry your hair.

A short hose could mean that the bonnet will fall from your head at the slightest movement. And of course, the weight factor is another thing to consider in this regard.

You wouldn’t want to invest in something that would eventually make your neck ache—no matter how fast it can dry your hair, or how versatile it can be style-wise.

If you’re into fairly simple hairstyles, you probably don’t have to think about this that much. However, if thick or curly is what best describes your mane, you really should consider how snug the bonnet will be.

Consider checking the bonnet’s measurements and gather insights from reviews or those who’ve tried the product firsthand. And of course, do account for the added bulk from rollers if you’re planning to use them.

Choosing a bonnet that’s too snug will only lead to discomfort, and would make styling a lot less fun. If you’re going to use the hair dryer daily, a poor fit would surely become more frustrating in the long run.

Our Winner Is...

And there you have it—three of the best hooded hair dryers available today.

But, while defining what’s best really depends on your specific needs and preferences, to us the clear winner for this roundup is the Conair SB1XR Soft Bonnet Dryer.

The biggest advantage that this hair dryer has over others is the vent brush that it comes with, which makes it a lot easier to experiment with different hairstyles.

Also, with its compact storage case, taking it with you wherever you go shouldn’t be an issue unless you’re working with really limited luggage space.

With this, we wrap up our review of the best bonnet hair dryer for natural hair. We hope that with the info we’ve shared, you can go on and make the right decision when it comes to choosing the best one.

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