The Best Beard Grooming Kit – Reviews and Top Picks

There is nothing more cool and sexy than a perfectly trimmed beard on a man. Choosing your beard in terms of shape, size, thickness, and length is a job that requires deep consideration. You need to understand how you want to present yourself and which beard style is suitable for your facial features.

Grooming your beard can take up a lot of that most precious resource in today's fast life, which is TIME. So the right choice and excellent quality of your grooming kit is of outmost importance.

Here, we will explore the best beard grooming kits in today's market:

Best Beard Grooming Kit

DapperGanger beard grooming kit

  • This product is made from certified organic ingredients.
  • Dapper proudly vouches for their product because their beard kit rids you of dandruff and split ends
  • This beard grooming kit contains: stainless steel scissors, Dopp canvas travel bag, and metal beard comb
  • Excellent smell of oils
  • Vegan leather travel bag
The Beard Legacy Grooming Kit

The Beard Legacy beard grooming kit

  • This premium beard grooming kit contains stainless scissors, organic beard oil, boar bristle brush, beard kit pouch, beard and mustache comb.
  • The oil is certified jojoba and argan. It is odorless and will help soften your beard while relieving you from itchiness
  • The beard and mustache comb help you avoid entanglement and knots and is suitable for all beard types.
Best Beard Care Kit

Mountaineer Brand Complete Beard Care in one Kit

  • This beard grooming kit contains: Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Beard Wash, Military-Style Oval brush
  • All of the products in this kit are 100% natural
  • WV timber beard wash you receive in this kit is one of the best and top selling on the market.
  • This beard care kit contains everything you need for the well-maintenance of your beard.
Maison Lambert Beard Grooming Kit Review

Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit

  • The kit contains: beard soap, organic beard balm, organic body soap, organic beard oil, and beard comb (wood comb)
  • This beard grooming kit comes packaged in an excellently designed wood cigar box
  • The oils in this beard care kit are free of parabens, toxins, artificial fragrances, ethyl alcohol, and any other damaging chemicals. Instead, they use a blend of 100% natural essential oils.
Zeus Ultimate Beard Care Kit Review

Zeus Deluxe Travel Beard Care Kit

  • This deluxe beard maintenance kit is conveniently made to keep your beard well-groomed whether traveling or at home. The kit contains: Boar Hair Brush, Dopp Kit, Beard Shampoo, Beard Oil, Beard Conditioner
  • The combination of oil moisturizer and beard conditioner in this beard kit will help you reduce itchiness and dandruff.
  • The stylish leather Zeus bag is a practical solution for traveling to fit all your beard grooming items.

Review of the Best Beard Grooming Kits on the Market

Special Features


Maison Lambert

Mostly organic

No soft brush

Cigar shaped wooden box



All natural, not organic

No scissors

No animal testing, cruelty free brush


Beard Legacy


No beard wash





Gives you everything

Professional trimming scissors




No soft brush

Army canvas style bags with affirmations inside

1. DapperGanger Beard Grooming Kit

The Best Beard Grooming Kit

First in line for merciless dissection…

The mindset behind the DapperGanger beard grooming kit is to give you tools to become like somebody out there who is a better version of you, like your doppelganger, hence the name. And this product will do that for you. The fully organic and high quality products help you to resolve issues with dandruff or unruly ends during beard growth.

Definitely the two features this beard care kit offer you are: beard wash/shampoo and beard oil, which are fully organic. What’s most unique about these two features is their very nice fragrance. It differs from most beard washes and oils out there that are too earthy and hashy smelling. In the case of DapperGanger, the scent is refreshing and a joy to inhale, for you and those around you.

The ingredients of the oil and beard wash are fully organic and natural. This is important as it comes in contact with your facial skin and it will not cause an allergic reaction. The other cool perks of this beard maintenance kit are that you get two army canvas style bags with manly affirmations included inside, “good morning” scissors and mini beard comb, which can be used as a keychain, both are stainless steel, and the beard balm, which is also organic and has an excellent smell, compatible with the fragrance of the oil and beard wash.

This beard grooming kit is also excellent as a gift for friend because of the high end creative packaging. I can say that it is worth every cent whether you buy it as a present or for yourself.

What We Like

  • Army canvas style bags with affirmations inside
  • “Good morning” scissors
  • Mini beard comb, which can be used as a keychain

What We Don't Like

  • It doesn’t include a soft brush with natural bristles
  • The steel comb is hard to use on a wet beard

2. The Beard Legacy Beard Grooming Kit

The Best Beard Care Kit

This beard maintenance kit offers many cool features that combined give you everything you need to grow your beard while being safe from all those unpleasantries of itchy rashes and such.

The Beard Legacy Grooming Kit offers a natural and completely organic beard oil based on argan and jojoba oils, vitamin E, and is without scent whatsoever.

You also get an anti-static wooden comb, which serves to easily deal with knots, split ends, and tangles. This wooden comb is made of pear wood and it will help to achieve a soft and smooth beard, which will be easy to handle, so the oil can work its magic.

Certainly, the best feature in this beard and mustache grooming kit is the manly natural boar bristles brush. It helps with cleaning dandruff out of your beard and straightening or shaping your beard in the way you want. This brush will make grooming easy and enjoyable.

The super sharp professional beard scissors will make trimming, shaping, and taming your beard more efficient as it grows. And of course this premium beard grooming kit offers a heavy duty balm, which works as a leave-in wax. This balm is also organic and odorless, which is a perfect combination with the kit’s oil for conditioning and moisturising, helping your beard to be soft and healthy for long periods.​

What We Like

  • Natural boar bristles
  • Professional beard scissors
  • Heavy duty beard balm

What We Don't Like

  • Does not include a beard wash

3. Mountaineer Brand Complete Beard Care Kit

Beard Care Kit by Mountaineer Review

This is a brand with strong character and a long list of satisfied customers. Mountaineer Brand beard grooming kit will offer you a true experience of how to adequately take care of a long and stubborn beard.

The Beard oil that you find in the Mountaineer beard care kit is made of 100% natural oils, which are quick to absorb and will make your beard soft, smooth, and fresh.

This oil is made with the idea to also promote beard growth while keeping it healthy and neat. An excellent support for the fine oil is the beard wash, which is handmade and also completely natural.

This beard wash is very mild due to its ingredients so it won’t strip you of your natural beard oil. This way, your beard will have stronger and longer lasting hair.

To have a complete experience of healthy beard growth and grooming, Mountaineer Beard Care made two types of balms.

One is a heavy duty balm, which is designed to easily make your beard obedient as it deals with stray hairs and stubborn areas. The other is called Magic Beard balm, made to efficiently condition and repair damaged hairs.

The beard oil, beard wash, and beard balms are made with Pine Tar, a product which is known for its soothing effects.

In addition to this fine collection is the oval cruelty free brush, which is not made of any animal hair. The Mountaineer brand promotes luxury without sacrifice and this is just that.​

All in all, this is another top high quality beard grooming kit that is worth more than it costs. A big thumbs up.​

What We Like

  • Products made using Pine Tar
  • The oval cruelty free brush
  • No animal testing and it does not contain animal products

What We Don't Like

  • You have to buy your scissors separately
  • The products are not organic

4. Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit

Best Beard Maintenance Kit

​This is by far the beard maintenance kit with the prettiest and classiest looking package because of its classy wooden cigar shaped box and stylish paper-wrapped beard shampoo.

If you want to surprise that special someone and he has or wants to grow a beard, this is the perfect present for him.

This stylish beard and mustache grooming kit offers you a combination of organic beard balm, organic beer soap, beard oil, beard shampoo, a wooden comb, and stainless steel extra sharp scissors.

The best feature, beside its cigar shaped luxury package, is the Maison Lambert traditional french beard oil made using a blend of 100% pure essential oils. The oil achieves a perfect balance of moisturising level and gentle woody warm scent, giving it that really classy touch.

Another highlight of this beard grooming kit is the free organic beer soap for your body and the quality stainless steel scissors that come in a leather pouch.

The organic beard shampoo is made to help you deal with a rough beard and dandruff with ease. In combination with the organic oil and shampoo, you will use the organic beard balm to help you shape your beard and deal with split ends and stray hair.

The wooden comb with the Maison Lambert logo is the last piece of this high quality beard kit.

This is an excellent traditional French beard maintenance kit with no downsides. 

As for the lack of soft brush, it is not needed with these perfectly picked tools that have you covered all the way. Maison Lambert’s classy package is a little more pricey, but you get top quality toiletries in combination with a classy aesthetic package for a few bucks more.

I’d say go for it and make your day.

What We Like

  • Um, everything
  • Cigar shaped luxury package
  • Free organic beer soap for your body
  • Stainless steel scissors that come in a leather pouch
  • The wooden comb

What We Don't Like

  • No soft brush included
  • The price

5. Zeus Deluxe Travel Beard Care Kit

Zeus Beard Grooming Kit Review

We mention this kit last because it is certainly the most complete beard and mustache grooming kit on this list. At the same time, it is an excellent product and the most expensive on this best beard grooming kit list.

The Zeus Deluxe Beard Kit includes: Zeus beard shampoo, which will thoroughly cleanse your manly mane from excess oils and dirt in such a way as to not irritate your skin or create any uncomfortable reactions. The implementation of green tea extract and chamomile will refresh and soothe your skin.

Zeus removes itch and dandruff from your beard with its beard conditioner, which implements avocado oil, vitamins, and more. This restorative formula conditioner will also do miracles for poorly hydrated skin and damaged follicles.

Zeus Beard Oil will soften your beard, keep it moisturised, and hydrate your skin, further preventing dryness, dandruff, and coarse hair.

Zeus beard balm contains beeswax and will make your beard deeply soft, easily manageable, much fuller, and healthier.

The Professional trimming scissors, which are very durable and extremely sharp, will make trimming, shaping, and corrections to your beard a true manly experience. These scissors are barber shop quality with extreme precision and made of stainless steel.

In this beard care kit, you will also find two brushes. One is made to keep you company on the road. It’s smaller and is a very firm 100% boar bristle, making it a powerful shaping tool on-the-go.

The other is a 100% boar bristle brush, which is big and dense, but soft. This quality brush will successfully tame even the firmest and thickest of beards while staying gentle on your skin.

This kit introduces the Zeus handmade saw-cut pocket beard comb with leather sheath and saw-cut mustache comb, which is composed of keratin that can give you shinier and stronger hair.​

What We Like

  • You are completely covered in every aspect with top of the line toiletries

What We Don't Like

  • It’s very pricey
  • The pocket comb is not sturdy
  • Products are not organic and contain animal origin products

How to get the most out of your beard maintenance kit and what to look for

​Depending on your preference and needs, the tools you need are completely optional. Understandably, the more tools you get, the less things you will eventually end up buying. This is due to the fact that your beard will grow, and thus, grooming will eventually be more and more demanding.

The best is to have a comb for your beard, comb for mustaches, made from wood or iron, or other hard material preferably. These kinds of combs have a flaw, they can catch on a wet beard, but they last longer and are almost impossible to break. You can have one steel comb to carry with you and one made of softer materials, which will stay at home, to be specially used after washing. This is the best solution.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the wash, soap, and oil for your beard. It’s best to buy products that are organic and completely without chemicals or irritants. All liquids you put on your beard should be very mild. This way, you protect yourself from any reactions or irritations.

You certainly can’t have enough of a good brush. A good quality dense brush is the ultimate tool for keeping your beard in shape. It’s preferable you have two types of firmness, one brush to be softer and another to be more firm. This way, you can have a powerful tool for any need.

Sometimes you will need to work on your beard with a soft brush for detailed finishing and other times you will need to dig deep showing it who’s the boss.

Keep in mind, to save yourself time and money, cover the most ground possible with a single purchase.

Our choice for the best beard grooming kit

We owe you a winner for the best beard care kit and the choice is not simple. Certainly, you can take your pick from our list and, in any case, you won't make a mistake.

Our list is comprised of top notch beard maintenance kits.​

Dapper Ganger kit is very cool and nice, but competition is hard, so last place belongs to this kit.

Zeus deluxe kit, with all the hype about their best products, top line everything, it fails to deliver organic liquids and more durable materials for the combs, and for that they charge top line price. On the other hand, they give you all the tools, which is to be respected, but still, the price is too high. More luck next time Zeus.

Beard legacy is all the way there, but without a beard wash, it falls down to third place. Too bad.

Second place honorably goes to the Mountaineer Brand. It is very cool with high quality tools and a brush that is not of animal origin, which is just a superb detail. If this brand used all organic materials, surely it would be number one.

With the most style, class, and tradition, the shiny first place spot goes to...

Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit is the clear winner as the best beard grooming kit. It has just the right price, tools, materials, organic ingredients, and adorable stylish cigar box like packaging. Besides making it the perfect present for that special someone, it will make a perfect present for you, that will celebrate your own manliness. Not to mention, we all know the ladies are crazy about those romantic high-class french kissers.​

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