Asian Facial Hair – How To Grow and Maintain Beard For Asians

Can Asians Grow Facial Hair?

Beards has held men’s fascination for centuries. Throughout history they have served many purposes. In ancient times beards were a tool to look fierce. In later times, beards were a sign of manhood. When English rulers did not like beards, they placed a tax on them.

Throughout different eras and civilizations, men have grown beards for different purposes. Some of those reasons were cultural and other personal. But what if you have trouble growing a beard?

There is help for those who think they can’t grow a beard. With this how-to guide we will give you the information on beard growing. We will also give you tips on how to grow a good beard. Asian with facial hair is very possible.

The Beard Myth

There is a myth going around that Asian men can’t grow beards. Well there are reasons why people can’t grow beards. The reasons why some people cannot grow beards is due to three factors: Your race, your genetic structure and your family history.

Keep in mind that these traits affect every society not just the Asian culture. Asians with beards depend upon those three traits.

Asian Facial Hair

The Beard Foundation

Beards seem to hold a magical spell over some men. They just do not feel like a man if they can’t grow a beard. They keep trying to grow one (if you first don’t succeed…). But beard growing may not be under their control.

Growing a beard, any type of beard, depends upon one very important foundation. Facial hair is made of the protein Keratin. Then the growth of facial hairs relies upon the signals they get from cells, blood and nerves.

For Asian, facial hair depends upon the care they give the Keratin buried in the folicles. That protein is their key to success. That is if they can overcome the three traits.

Best Beard Growing Tips for Asian Guys

Everyone needs help growing a good beard. The key to growing a good beard is that there is one set of rules for everyone. There is not one set for Western men and another for Middle Eastern, and so on. Every man has the same rules to follow.

Here are some tips to help you grow a great beard:

  1. Patience is a key - good beards do not grow up overnight. It takes about a month for your facial hair to grow in. Wait till you see how it is going to grow before you start trimming and styling.

  2. Seek good advice - You may not know everything involved in growing a beard. Facial hair has follicles, proteins, etc., that need special care. Get good advice on how to take care of your face.

  3. Brush your facial hair - To get a good look, you will want all the hairs to grow in the same direction.

  4. Grooming products - Good grooming products will provide the essential minerals, vitamins, and protection your facial hair needs. Your beard hair needs a healthy diet just like you do.

  5. Moisturise - Taking care of your face helps produce a healthy beard. A good moisturiser like coconut oil will do the trick. A healthy face goes a long way in producing a healthy beard.

  6. Keep your beard and face clean - You need to wash your facial hair just like the hair on top of your head. Use a gentle shampoo that does not contain harsh chemicals, and top of all, you do not have to wash it every day.

  7. Style it - If you are one of the lucky ones, after a month you should have enough facial hair to start styling it. You should style it according to your facial features.

These seven tips should help anyone grow a healthy and great looking beard. But do not be down if they do not work. You may be one of the unlucky ones whose family history or genetic make-up does not support beard growth. You may have to be content with a moustache or longer sideburns.

Asian Facial Hair Styles

You may have believed the myth that Asians can’t grow facial hair. The time has come to put that myth to bed. As we said earlier, beards depend upon family history, genetics, Keratin and how you take care of it.

Asians with beards are not unheard of, nor are they as rare as you probably think. Asian men can look as classy or unkempt as any other race of men. It all depends upon your personality.

Here are some styles you can choose from. Remember that if you want the ladies to wild over your facial hair look, you need to pick the style that fits your face.

Cool Asian Beard Styles

​Full Asian Beard

The Long Stubble​

Short Van Dyke​

The Old Dutch Look​

Neat & Simple​

Medium Stubble Look​

The Untouched Look​

The Wild Look

Wild Beard Asian
via Reddit

The Hipster​

Short Stubble

​Handle Bar Moustache and Full Beard

And many more. Just pick a style that fits your face. Also pick one that fits your personality. A well-kept beard turns ladies on. Very few women are turned on by the wild and unkempt beard

Growing a beard may just set you apart from the crowd. If you get it right you will turn heads for sure.

Why Grow a Beard

Each person has their own reason for why they grow a beard. Yours may be part of the following list or the list may inspire you to try. Here are some reasons why men grow beards:

  1. You want to - A basic but very good reason.

  2. Curiosity - You want to see if you look good or not with a beard.

  3. Feelings - You like the way a beard looks, and feels.

  4. A little lazy - You do not like shaving.

  5. Disguise - You want to change your appearance for some reason.

  6. Better looking - You think you look more attractive with a beard than without.

  7. It's natural - You do not want to fight nature.

  8. Its manly - You want to feel like a man.

  9. Respect - You think you will get more respect if you look older or more distinguished.

  10. Tradition - Everyone in your family has grown a beard for generations.

A couple of other reasons is you can do something women cannot do. Sort of an ego thing. Or you simply want to feel free. You have not been allowed to grow one earlier in life so you want to express your new found freedom by doing it now.

All of these reasons, except the ego trip, are sound reasons to grow a beard. Unless governments adopt the old English attitude and start taxing beards. There is no law preventing you from trying.

Benefits of growing a beard

Asians with beards get the same benefits that men from other cultures receive. They follow the same rules thus it stands to reason that they would reap the same benefits. Asian facial hair should draw the same reactions as well. Here are some of the benefits men who grow beards think they get.

  • More romance - It goes without saying that a lot of women really like men with beards. You can get better attention from the ladies if you grow a good healthy beard

  • Your masculinity is not questioned - You are seen as a man and treated like one

  • A good beard demands respect - This is a subjective benefit. You may also be treated like a criminal. It all depends on how good your beard grows in reality.

  • You are seen as a non-conformist - This can be a good thing. People see you as a 'Think outside the box’ type of guy. Like the above reason, it can also be a bad perspective. You are seen as someone who is anti-social.

  • It develops your personality - A good beard can help you change your personality from introverted to more extroverted. You gain more confidence because you grew a great beard.

Let’s be frank

Growing a beard has been a part of life since the earliest of ancient times. It is said that prehistoric men grew beards to keep their face warm. That is a possible benefit, but we have never really felt that with our beards.

There are a number of factors why men, including Asian men, want to grow a beard. The trouble is not everyone can. Asian facial hair is not as common as Western facial hair but that is due to the three factors stated above.

Asian men may simply have to be content with the fact that they are not genetically capable of growing a beard. There is a possibility that following the above tips, they will enjoy a good beard. But we are not going to give false hope.

Asian facial hair is hit and miss. The world may not be blessed with a large number of Asians with beards. All we can say is give it a go and see what happens. We cannot make false promises.

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