16 Men’s Grooming & Style Blogs You Should Be Following

Guys let’s be real. When was the last time you spruced up your style? I know shopping sucks especially when you have no clue what’s trending and what’s down right uncool. I – like you – lack the expertise and time to put together a killer outfit.

I lean on the wisdom of fashion savvy lads who are gracious enough to share their erudition. So if you are stuck in a rut, here’s a list of grooming & style blogs that will class up your act.

He Spoke Style


The HSS guide is a purveyor of grooming and style advice run by Brian Sacawa since 2013. It acts as your personal stylist by pairing style inspiration with information. It’s full of witty ideas on how to dress, live and travel for the high class and ordinary guy alike.

The blog has invested in swanky photography that paints an accurate portrayal of the outcome. HSS is not your normal run of the mill blog of one size fits all. It gives you an assortment of ideas of how to best incorporate a style and grooming concept in your mundane routine.

The Modest Man


Rarely do you encounter a style blog dedicated to the not so tall guy. Brock, a short(er) man of 5’6’’ set up The Modest Man to make life a little bit easier for men of humble height. The blog is mostly on but not limited to fashion style advice.

It’s an all-round approach geared towards making the modest man look his best. This ranges from workout programs to rousing editorial pieces on famous short men everyone can look up to.

Man Face


This British gem touts all the modern basics of men’s skin care, fragrance & beauty. All the products reviewed are sourced on results, quality of ingredients and precision of promise. It sites everything you need to make certain your face ages gracefully; be it a sophisticated spa-grade skin care regimen or a simple DIY hair removal treatment.

Man Face draws inspiration from connoisseur male icons in the fashion scene like Tom Ford. This will have you rest easy knowing it’s not a cheap shtick to ramp up sales of shoddy products.

Mane Man Blog


The blog’s genesis is based on the emotional and physical changes endured when the editor decided to grow his hair for the first time. It pivoted to become a lifestyle guide for everything in between hair and health.

It boasts of a supportive community of men from all races sharing their experiences, asking questions and finding solutions. And believe me when I say Mane Man’s hair is to die for! Check it out for all hair and non-hair related issues.

Style Girlfriend


A web series that features guys’ style from a girl’s perspective is what Style Girlfriend is all about. It is for the single man looking to trade up from a boyish wardrobe and step into a man’s worlds as well as the hitched man striving to impress her lady making her the envy of all her friends. It has insightful tidbits of what women want to see you rocking and doing.

It’s not only confined to style and grooming but also lifestyle hacks like “5 ways to boost your confidence before a first date”. This is the ultimate gentleman’s style guide to a lady’s heart. Find out if you are SG-Approved.

The Everyday Man


This is the ideal depiction of what we millennials mean when we say “It’s a Man’s World!” You’ll get the value of a life coach for the price of a personal stylist. It covers everything from art and culture to grooming, health and fitness.

It keeps you up to date on what’s trending all around be it a new electric toothbrush or a nutrition plan you should try out. The Everyday Man will certainly find this appealing. Imagine a world custom fit for men’s needs.

West Coast Shaving


This is an online store that vends all you require for a perfect wet shave. It carries everything from creams, shaving brushes, razors to aftershaves and accessories. The bloggish approach allows for an all-around user-buyer experience. It will certainly not feel like your ordinary faceless internet transaction.

This Wet Shaving and Grooming blog keeps you abreast with industry news, grooming hacks and all your needs for a wet shave are curated.

Ape to Gentleman


Ape to Gentleman has boldly taken up the stance to rid you of your ape-ish ways and transform you into a refined gent. It’s of the opinion that Darwinian evolution is still underway, especially in the male grooming sector.

It will teach you the many guises a modern gent comes in, stretching from food, travel to technology. It prides itself with style with an equal emphasis on top of the line writing and pictures.

The Urban Gentleman


The Urban Gent is nothing short of a man of culture, class and style in all he does and wears. The blog is for any man looking to trade up to a higher league of folks who have a bit of swag lacking in the ordinary man.

It’s affiliated with styling, consulting and shopping services that fine tune your needs from the next man. It also has a magazine that has been around since 2008 that inspires you to embrace your modern self from choice of entertainment to health and fitness.

Mr. Wharff


Mr. Wharff is the holy grail of all things skin care beauty and fragrance for men. The reviews are informative and engaging as opposed to the one paragraph reviews we are accustomed to.

The blog only carries crème de la crème of products that not only have promise but deliver exceptional results. The in-depth analysis will leave you a guru in that product before actually laying sight on it. Thank you passionate British beauty writer for gifting us clueless men with your superlative expertise.

Grooming Guru


Grooming Guru was created by one of UK’s award winning grooming experts Lee Kyanston. He has found the perfect balance between his love for fashion and talent for writing. The blog is informative and captivating in on two fronts; the content and the writing.

The personal touch of detailing his own (vast) experience sets it over the edge. He writes of everything in grooming and style for men. He could never steer you wrong with his dapper style and dressing.

Man for Himself


Man for Himself is a lifestyle blog that cuts across everything including grooming and nutrition. It’s got your back on the newest trends in the fashion world as well as old proved ways you can integrate in your everyday life.

It empowers you to trust yourself and grow into your style by giving you options of everything. The pictures are clear and the writing flawless. It has a unique ‘opinions’ section that offers life hacks beneficial to any man.

The Male Stylist


Ask a man to become a better man. And what man is best suited to give you all the juice about male grooming than a male stylist? Or should I say The Male stylist. The blog will help you dress well without trying so hard.

It’s a gem for all you guys who appreciate quality style and provenance. It makes life easier all around by sharing morsels of life advice such as “3 ways to help you build your confidence.”

Grooming Mail


Albeit being new to the blogger world, it’s stirring up a lot of chatter compared to other seasoned counterparts and for good reason. Its writers have amassed years of experience working with large international brands as well as UK retailers that rule the industry.

Grooming Mail focuses on three main areas; male grooming style and lifestyle. The articles are not only well research but exquisitely written too. Well, when you invest in the best you for sure you are bound to reap the best benefits. Unlike other blogs that upload a new article once every blue moon, Grooming mail is faster than a New Yorker changing trains in updating articles.

Homme Styler


Homme Styler is an arbiter of men’s style and grooming for the modern man. It offers the latest news on men’s fashion, runway shows, street style and editorials. It has spicy commentary segments that shed light on what to do and what not to do in fashion. Any clueless guy will be well cultured in the right fashion and grooming ways with this blog.

It has cast a wide net in the grooming sector ranging from men’s skin care to men’s hair. It also dabbles in providing well researched in-depth product reviews.

Tools Of Men


From beard to blade and everything in between, Tools of Men is a men’s grooming blog that helps men get the most from their morning routine. Featuring in-depth guides, product review roundups, and common questions that men are too afraid to ask, this site should set you in the right direction when it comes to how to care for your body.


​The slew of Men’s style and grooming blogs out there could probably outnumber the clothes and beauty products they review. It takes due diligence to find one that not just touting wild claims for the heck of it. The above list encompasses the finest of them all. If you diligently follow at least three I assure you will escalate from mediocre style to TOM FORD status in no time. Happy reading!

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